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Being an Emotional Victim


By Coach Ayisha Amatullah   None of us like to think of ourselves as victims. The term “victim” brings to mind a pathetic image of a person who is powerless. Therefore, It comes as a shock to most of us to realize how often we allow ourselves to be emotional victims. Having counseled individuals, couples, families and business partners for …

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So What Stands in Your Way From Having a Satisfying Relationship? Finding Out Is the Key to Success


By Doron Gil, Ph.D.   Many women are quite “susceptible” to suffer after a broken relationship. The reasons might be many, and might differ from one woman to another. However, the main issue is, whether a woman can “learn” how to maintain a successful intimate relationship and not having the need to look for a new partner time and again. …

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Left Alone With Just a Memory


By Alexa Keating    They’re gone, it’s over, the end… someone you love has left and all you can feel is loneliness; there’s nothing left to feel. Life becomes surreal when you lose someone you love. Overwhelming emotions surface when someone who said they would always stay, or a child you believed would be there to your end is suddenly …

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Hurting People Hurt People


By Alexa Keating    Have you ever really cared about another and been stunned by their words or actions, by the malevolent and emotionally charged force of their words? Were you really so wrong about them; is it possible that you missed so badly on your assessment or is something else very wrong? Characteristically when we collide into unexplained abusive, …

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Obsession With Confined Space


By Dr. Arwa Azab, Lecturer at CSULB & UCI, public speaker and individual/group life coach.   Why are we so fascinated with walls? Tall, thick and soundproof? For the longest time, isolation has been a method of shunning a person who has transgressed society’s norms — the legal system. And, more serious criminals are punished with more walls. Thus, the …

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Think of ‘Twitter’


By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   Do you feel the need for online social networking and microblogging? Think of ‘Twitter’—the SMS of the Internet. Like the chirping of a bird, when you keep tweeting, you build a ligament of social networking spirit. You make your voice publicized, you become known, you are aware of others’, and you read others’ notions and …

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