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The Giving

By Joshua Clayton   You must give to get. Without that giving, there is not any benefit in any way. I know this is a very basic message as this is a very basic and realistic article. When I look at reality, I look at it too realistically and honestly not to give to get. For, to me, to try …

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By Mira Khatib  The Debate  To many, friendship is a wonderful union and a sacred relationship. Sometimes we even treasure our friends more than family, as we make the conscious decision of choosing the right friend for ourselves; someone who will communicate well with us and understand our needs.  As we share good times and bad with friends, we grow …

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Women AGAINST themselves

By Kahina Ghediri           As one passes by Alice Walker’s saying: “Womanism is to feminism as purple is to lavender”, he/she may misleadingly assume that all women are necessarily feminists or at least pro-feminists. In fact the word feminism might have been derived from the terms “female” or “feminine”, albeit, its followers and proponents are somewhat surprising. To our …

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A Grievous Sin

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad Few years back, I read a news article whose headline was that a young son beheaded his mother and dragged her body to the trash ‘because she nagged him about chores’. It was shattering to read the way a corrupted and spoilt son axed his mother to death. Had he forgotten the burden she tolerated for nine …

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