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On Child Marriages

“The thing that prevents us from doing something wrong is either a fatwa cleric, or State law.” This was one of the comments written after publishing the poll asking, “Who is responsible for the phenomenon of child marriage?” on our platform social media networks. The options were as follows: Family. Community and accepting this act. Laws of the country that …

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The Secret Behind High Divorce Rates

The family is considered the foundation to building a society, and the progress of society depends on the success of this building block and engagement in the community. Of course, nothing succeeds unless you have the appropriate circumstances and conditions available. Through the ages marriage has been the first phase of the construction of the family system, but recently studies …

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The secret behind the progress of societies or underdevelopment

Language is considered the greatest means of communication between people carrying intrinsic value through the ideas and concepts put forward by spoken words whether it’s direct or through blogging to save these values between the rudders of books, as is the vessel filled with diverse culture to reflect back on. Reading books is considered the greatest sources for science and …

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The Trending Selfie and Women

  A new trend has spread like wild fire the need to document every moment using pictures. This trend has evolved more recently with the ongoing app updates and new programs on social media platforms that took this fad to another level of exaggeration. Women today take photos on anything their eyes fall upon, and of course as we know …

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Arab Readers and Novels

  Still to this day book choices remain vague to most readers in particularly for youth. Recently the demand for books has become more relevant, a positive trend in terms of revival of reading using different means for those whom are interested in the matter. You will find a lot of centers, literary clubs and associations dedicated to the revival …

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