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Chasing the sun to Azerbaijan

It borders the Caspian Sea – world’s largest lake, has hillsides that sprout fire, and has just hosted World’s Fastest Street Circuit in the History of the F1 calendar. Welcome to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is probably where the Vikings came from. It is a country with the most mud volcanoes in the world and often said to have its head in the future but its heart in the past.

On arrival into this beautiful country, visitors are struck by the dramatic contrast of charmingly well-preserved buildings of bygone eras, standing beside towering modern buildings or architectural developments on tree-lined boulevards. That’s not all, when you go a little deeper into Azerbaijan you’ll discover a melting pot of enthralling cultures, influences, lifestyles and cuisine.

Tourism is in its teenage years in Azerbaijan. As the country oozes an exuberant spirit offering excellent hotels, glorious beaches, amazing attractions, terrific shopping and of course the most fabulous food, that will give you the realization that life is for living, enjoying and savoring to the full.


Baku has a pretty medieval core surrounded by an old city and a new one. Old Baku is elegant, with sturdy stone buildings. New Baku is brash, boom-built with some of the finest jaw-dropping architectural masterpieces, crowned by three skyscrapers shaped like flames known as the “Flame towers”. Baku is a city where the East and West blend seamlessly. At the heart of Baku, lies many Unesco-listed heritage sites including Icheri Sheher, the palace of the Shirvan Shahs, the mysterious Maiden tower and many others.  There are many pedestrianized tree-lined streets filled with exclusive boutiques where romantic couples can hold hands as they walk on the Caspian-front Boulevard where greens and opal blues dance in front of your face and the hum drum of the city just melts away.

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy some of Azerbaijan’s vibrant cultural offerings whether you’re looking to stay in the capital or interact with all Azerbaijan has to offer just outside the City. Weather conditions vary throughout the country. Summer is warm and slightly windy in Baku and you’ll find that other places has rain although it generally doesn’t rain all day.  You can usually plan your activities around the predictable weather. Overall, Azerbaijan during summer is mostly sunny, with soft winds and temperatures between 22 and 28 degrees.


You will never run out of things to do during your trip to Azerbaijan. You can enjoy a wide range of summer activities like Fishing in beautiful lakes, hunting in magical pistachio forest of Gabala and even rise to the challenge on the championship golf courses in Shahdag. You can also take your family to one of Azerbaijan’s eight national parks, go for a hike or have a night in front of a bonfire telling scary stories under the stars or just lie back and be pampered at one of the luxurious Nafthalan treatment spas. Even if you’re looking to tie the knot, Azerbaijan’s romantic locations will enable you plan the ultimate Azerbaijan wedding.
For the most exhilarating adventure tours in Azerbaijan, Go to Shahdag. You will enjoy some of the longest zip lines in the Caucasus, you can go mountain biking or even run and hike through several slopes suitable for different adventure experience levels

baku-2-1Azerbaijan restaurants offer such a varied choice of delectable cuisine. Food is consistently delicious, and of good value.  You will find something to suit all tastes from Seafood to Steaks to bread, as Azerbaijani cuisine is a lovely mixture of Turkish, Iranian, Caucasian and Mongolian, characterized by impeccably fresh ingredients served in huge proportions with fantastic service and a smile wherever you go.

Azerbaijan has the distinction of being the one of the safest Caucasus destinations with a remarkable religious tolerance.
Azerbaijan nightlife is the main attraction for many visitors. There are several happening places you can go to (best pubs and nightclubs in the cities) playing everything from salsa to disco to R & B and live music venues.

No matter where one travels to, we always want to bring a part of that place back home. There are perfect places like the Nizami Street, Fountain square, Taza Bazaar and House of Craftsmen where you can buy knick-knacks that will remind you of your delightful vacation in this wondrous country. The market places are also flooded with branded items; the prices are reasonable, variety is satisfying and shopping for tourists is TAX FREE.


Getting to Azerbaijan from the GCC region is very easy. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach Baku with direct flights from Dubai by Azerbaijan Airlines AZAL and Fly Dubai. The Visa procurement is a hassle-free activity, as nationals from UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore can get their visas on arrival in the Azerbaijan. Other nationalities can apply for Visas online in advance of travel, and get them stamped on arrival at the airport.

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So whether you’re planning for summer, Eid, your wedding day, a family holiday to suit all, a trip with the pals to the wild and unknown, or a romantic holiday for two, Azerbaijan seems to tick all the boxes. In between the adventures, the spas, shopping malls and the restaurants, there is so much time to relax on the beach and let Azerbaijan the land of fire, light your fire.


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