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Cold Era

By Ramzi Arabi

Allow me to introduce myself today, allow me to yell and extract the words that lay deep within. My bloody hands are stretched out for you, and my ulcerated eyes are waiting your permission to cry.

Thousand years ago I used to smash my shadows as I walk; I never looked behind, for I wanted to look straight at my future knowing that one day I’ll be awarded the divine volition.

Long time ago there was nothing inside me except peace and contentment. Everything was pleasant as the dawn, and I thought we wouldn’t face storms.

Allow me to ask you this: Do you own some kind of mines to awaken my eyelashes from its appointment in the ancientness of veils? Will you find me under the menstruation of the clouds? Will you possess the light in my darkness under the binding of the suitcase at the travel? Or maybe, you will grant me the luster of light, and then you will leave at the reel of dancing over the circumference of your waist!

Your body surrounds me when it’s turning around the language, and then I lust to step down from my highness to dance with you, but the only thing I find are cold hands shaking mine, a touch of sore fingers, and the music is clamor.

Why we feel this coldness after love has found us and hided our spirits behind the lilies! Why it’s freezing inside and outside! Why nothing seems to be true of all the myths I used to hear about love!

Allow your heart to shine as it always did, enliven me with your warm breaths, and take me to wherever you wish. Be my shelter and everything that I’ve ever needed and I’ll ever need.


Photo credit: cadillacdeville2000 / Source / CC BY

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