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Does Courtesy Costs Anything?

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad


Courtesy is a duty and a pivotal trait that molds one’s personality; thus, we call someone ‘humble’, ‘mild’, or‘gentle’. And it must be said that a courteous person is always a keen observer and thoughtful performer, because the change and reaction of personality derives from the spirited conscience, tempered heart and responding mind.

Very often, we find people terse, arrogant and impatient in their affairs and communications with each other these days than, say, three decades ago. 

Verily, nowadays, courtesy is either half-understood or ignored. It has become the fashion of the world to think in binary terms: black and white, good and bad, with no nuances in between. And as with everything in life, with our self-devised propositions and equations, we have altered the definition of living. Indeed, the briefness of our manners, behaviors, conduct and courtesies even tend to make our lives shorter!

If courtesy and humility were made the fulcrum of human life, we could really celebrate true living. Moreover, when one cultivates excellent manners, and remains courteous, then there’s real contentment.

Displacement of humility and lack of manners make us ‘hostile’ persons. As a result of the absence of these two qualities, as one research says, there is the possibility that one may become characterless and arrogant. And the truth is that those who are arrogant by their behavior are more laced with baseless hatred in their hearts that like a parasite attacks the souls and there’s a show of each active evil by the conjuring jealousy of sight. Oftentimes, they  tend to delegate wrong things and that makes them insensible and erroneous.

Besides this, there are the gloomy effects of stress: disgust, depression, insecurity etc… and thus results ill health or psychological collapse.

When we think of courtesy, necessarily it is composed of good virtues and gentle elements, which perfectly convey one’s character. Truly speaking, discourteous people are just sterile, and of unnatural personality type. So, we ought to remember this dictum that ‘courtesy costs nothing, but it buys everything’.



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  1. Yes, courtesy costs nothing and buys everything. I so agree. It costs nothing to be kind – to treat each other in manners that are pleasant to the heart, mind and life. I wonder if we’ve become so attached to the materialistic intentions…that being once we acquire a certain amount of greenery (money), we’ve arrived, that the notion of simply being king and considerate to others has taken a back seat; it as become valueless. Thank you for your thoughts. Love the blending of your words to pen and paper. 🙂

  2. courtesy is contagious. If more people are courteous and kind the world will be a better place.

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