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Day 2 of Becoming the CEO of your own life

23nd May 2016, At the Address Dubai Mall, UAE Day 2 of the 3 day program resumed continuing “Becoming the CEO of your own life” under ICON Investments with Salma Sakhnini; Founder & Managing Director of ICON Training and Coaching Consultancy, and lead by life coach Katie Chikhani.

attendees-arab-woman-platformAttendees came back with great enthusiasm after their success and great satisfaction after day one of the program with discovering what success is and facing their limiting beliefs.

Day 2 revolved around finding ones potential and learning about the four different paradigms; which are the mental filters through which we view the world and make meaning of our experiences, and how one moves from one paradigm to the next.

After taking part in more exercises the attendees were eager to share from personal experiences, feeling relaxed and confident, opening the door to eye opening conversations and open dialogue.

“One should stop and reflect and ask important questions such as who am I? What am I doing? What do I want to be? What part of my life did I chose and what was enforced on me by others?”

“In this fast passed life and trying to keep up, the more we are likely to get off track. We do so much doing and so little being; although we are all human beings after all. Are you doing the balancing act?”  Advocated ICON


At the end of the day we all deserve to be happy – But it has to be your choice and the first step in doing so is becoming more aware of yourself, we cannot change reality but we can change the way our eyes sees this reality.


This program is like stepping stones to take you on a self-discovery from what is your passion to what is your purpose to what is your vision and then finally setting goals and an action plan to achieving it all.









PR prepared by Mira Khatib

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