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Day 3 of Becoming the CEO of your own life

24th May 2016, At the Address Dubai Mall, UAE, the third and final day of the empowerment program “Becoming the CEO of your own life” under ICON Investments with Salma Sakhnini; Founder & Managing Director of ICON Training and Coaching Consultancy, and lead by life coach Katie Chikhani continued.

What is reality and how can you embrace it? Was the opening question of the session. Reality is what you create in your mind and the difference between reality and fact should be recognized. This profound info stirred up a whirlwind of discussion filled with excitement and emotion. Attendees shared different realities from different paradigms.



“You are responsible for your life and happiness. This statement comes from an integrity paradigm.” ICON affirmed.

You cannot get your vision without having a purpose. And your purpose is why you are here in this world, your vision is what you want to achieve in the future. Always keep in mind that YOU are in control of your life and nobody else.

The attendees were eager to write down their vision statements for their future and this placed the foundation for setting realistic, attainable and specific goals to achieve their ultimate vision.

With a plan visible in writing the attendees felt hopeful and excited to go out and start taking action and connect their passion and vision and follow the goals they set to achieve their aspirations.


“This program was very beneficial; it put so much in perspective. I feel like so much has shifted for me. I’m thankful to have attended.” Attendee

“This program highlighted action plans and spotted many behaviors built in our daily lives. It bolded the guidelines to identify one’s vision, set goals and experience the steps of success and purpose in life. I highly recommend it.” Attendee

The day came to an end on a high note, with everyone feeling exhilarated and thankful. Now the life that once dreamt could actually be lived.


The attendees then received their certifications for “Becoming the CEO of their life” for their eye opening experience, and their journey for taking control and setting down an action plan for their future. They were given new journals to fill and start them on the path of writing down their dreams, goals and feelings.

An emotional, mind awakening and bumpy road traveled during the 3 day program, but one with an ultimate destination worth  reaching; Becoming the CEO of their own life.


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