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Dear Ms. Helen Clark

Dear Ms. Helen Clark,

Two years ago two passionate, determined women with a noble quest to empower women reached out to you for support and feedback on their online platform, and in all honesty, as we; the founders of the platform, reached out to many other prominent figures and organization for support and feedback, even for some words of encouragement yet we were left disregarded and ignored.

But not from you, even with all the responsibilities and duties on your plate, you found the time to actually look at our work and found value and potential for positive influence and change, and you took the time out of your busy schedule to write back to us words of encouragement and support and you immediately took action and tweeted about us. This generous gesture of support had great impact on us, as it gave us the motivation to charge on and face the many obstacles and frustrations that were in our way. Your confidence in us and what we do, made us want to succeed…and succeed we did.



We are the kind of women that like to pay our dues and not forget those who helped us along the way. Today as we are thriving and becoming more recognized day by day as a valuable platform for women empowerment and to help promote reading and awareness, we wanted to take the time and send you this letter of gratitude and appreciation and simply say thank you.

Thank you for your support, thank you for your wisdom as a leader, thank you for your pure spirit and kindness, thank you for your humble attitude, thank you for your willingness to help develop and motivate others, but mostly thank you for wanting to make this world a better place.

We hope that we too continue to follow in your footsteps and do as we preach and help motivate those who need it the most. The road to empowerment is long and rough but a road worth traveling.

Arab Woman Platform proudly supports your candidacy for the next UN Secretary General as we are certain you will advance the cause of women globally and you will be the voice for all those who are living under injustice, atrocities and that you will promote peace and prosperity for all nations.

Wishing you further success.

Kind Regards,

Founders of Arab Woman Platform

Amal Al Harithi & Mira Khatib

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