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I Died Last Night

By Sarah Al Ayed


I died and came back … don’t ask me how … but my soul abandoned by body – it walked away from my body … it left it beaten, destroyed, slumped on the floor …my soul took my spirit and sat perched on higher ledge looking down at me … it was a true out of body experience. 

As my heart was breaking my soul said I can’t do this I cant be part … my spirit looked on hurt confused unsure what’s going on … my body – my body became lifeless it crumpled as it slumped in its place … only the heart screamed out please please you cant do this … I’m breaking its destroying the entire essence of who I am … come together … unite be one … help her –

She’s been broken into a hundred pieces and instead of giving her the chance to grieve you abandoned her … left her, gave up on her … the worst feeling in the world is when the internal struggle between the heart, soul and spirit leads to a broken person … where does one go from there …

The mind is the first to go – its shuts down …  the heart cries out – it bleeds its breaks slowly taking the body with it … and the soul it grabs the spirit whisking it away … and as it watches from afar it dies bit by bit …


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