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Dina Al Thaher – A Success Story


dina chef“From a very early age I realized the importance of work and being independent and productive, and although I am an only child yet I began working early on and helped my family in paying for my education.”

That is what Dina Al Thaher began when introducing herself to Arab Woman Mag; she is one of the founders of the finest reputable gourmet catering restaurants in Dubai. A very beautiful and bubbly young woman, who has a passion for being proactive, working different professions from being a school teacher, to a real estate agent, but her true fulfillment came when she began working on her own business.

“I was inspired by an enthusiastic business woman I’ve met years ago, she encouraged me to have my own business and her words ignited a spark in me. From then on I worked to start my own project a small cart that sells lupine grains and nuts for snacks, and here I am today an owner of one of the most prominent catering restaurants and meals in Dubai, and what started with two employees have become forty employees.”

Dina added, “I serve my customers food the way I serve it and cook it for my family, I make sure I have the best quality of ingredients, and that is why our good reputation has spread and now we serve hundreds of customers daily. One of the biggest issues we face is that we are dealing with many hungry bachelors, and their patience level run low when waiting for a meal, however we treat our customers with utmost respect and care, we believe that the customer is always right.”

When we asked Dina how she juggles between her professional life and personal life, she answered, “If it wasn’t for my husband’s and my mother in law’s support and commitment to help take care of my children Hamza and Malak, my life would have been strenuous. But knowing there is someone I can depend on and trust taking care of my children gives me the chance to manage my time between my family and work. However as my business takes up majority of my time I have no social life, yet I do not regret this at all. Time is precious and we have to find useful ways of investing it, plus I have never been a fan of coffee mornings.”

Dina went on saying, “I consider my business like my third child, I started it from scratch and watched it grow and I feel very proud of what it has become. Of course not all days were rosy ones, I went through very tough times that shook my business to the ground, and although negative voices around me urged me to let go of my project and count my losses and move on, yet I took these opinions as a push forward to keep trying and working even harder until with God’s help I regained the success of my business.”

“And through my work I can try to make a difference in this world, as I participate in many fund raisers in the U.A.E. and other countries, especially relating to causes that help Syrian people and Palestinians as well, this gives me great satisfaction and happiness in my own life.”












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  1. They are the best food in Dubai….

  2. proud of you Dina

  3. The food looks so delicious and Dina’s story is truly amazing. Thank you for this beautiful post and inspiring story.

  4. I tried their food. It’s AMAZING home made style. Great job.

  5. Nejad sulaiman

    Dina.. You are amazing business-woman. Gad bless you

  6. Dr. Amal Abd Al-Rahim Thaher

    My sincere congratulations on your great success in your business. Your story sparked enthusiasm and the spirit of determination in all those who read it. There is no doubt that your talents and success will have a wider impact.

  7. Abdel Rahim Al Thaher

    Nice Dina. I’m real proud of you. Very well done my dear cousin. Wishing you more and more successes. Excellent. Bravo 🙂

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