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Do We Need any Special Day for Mothers and Fathers

By Gerry Legister


Do we really need any special day of the month to show the people that we love and care about in our lives, how much they mean to us? By giving and receiving gifts of flowers and cards, to make them feel appreciated. There is nothing wrong with spoiling mothers by giving something unique on Mother’s Day, it may be the smallest gesture but the thought can be worth far more than gold.

Children want to spend time with their parents, they want to play and run and laugh and hear their parents do the same, and later on as we grow up, we learn to appreciate our parents for being there when we were young, they may not have been able to give us all the things we cried out for, but they looked after us with care and commitment, therefore; we should show our parents how much they mean to us.

If you think about how much they mean to you, I am sure you would want to show them some form of gratitude, to let them know that we do value them in our lives. That should not be such a difficult thing to do, but the thought can go deep into the subconscious and stays there for a very long time.

We should give the flowers while the person is alive and well to receive them with joy and merit, because we never know when it could be the last time. We will have the splendor of that persons company, today may be their last day, and what did you do to let them know that you really value their worth?

Mother’s Day is just one of those beautiful reminders in which we pause to think about the caring nature of mothers and fathers in our lives, and to show them a token of our appreciation. We celebrate with every person and we join the social community, to let them know that no one is an island, every person matters in the community, and it is an important way of communicating without saying too many words, our actions speaks louder than words. sometimes just a simple hug, a loving embrace, a gentle kiss, the welcoming emotion of a warm and glowing smile, these are all sentiments of expressing our feelings for mothers and fathers alike on Mother’s Day.

Mothers in every community, show care and responsibility and serve as role models for others to follow their good example, they play a functional part in the family unit, assuming the role of reconciliation when fathers may be absent, or on other duties, such as business representation, mothers happily take on the responsibility of making sure the children are fed and well cared for. We cannot over compensate all the mothers in the world for the good that they are doing, but we certainly can show the world by media or by notes the significance of honoring mothers

At last, men are rising up to their responsibility, although there is still a long way to go, but the influence is steadily gaining ground, and improvement is seen in areas where there was simply no respect. On Father’s day, absent fathers are showing up, and taking their children to spend much needed time with them, I applaud this move by all men, our society needs you, and we do live in a society tainted with troubles, so us help alleviate some of the stresses.

Why do we honor mothers by giving them our undivided attention on Mother’s Day? It is to show appreciation not only for doing good deeds, but for who they are, mothers are the spring of life, without them none of us would be here, we owe that debt of gratitude, so let us not be naive and fool ourselves.  Mothers and fathers are the pride of our nation, the jewel in the crown, the icing on the cake, without them where would counseling come from? Under what tuition would our training and development stages take place? Let us celebrate them both with goodwill in our heart.

There are some people who are undervalued in life, they are only remembered at certain times of the year, we want to emphasize the permanent conclusion, that Mother’s and Fathers Day are areas of celebration, inclusive in our lives, and serve as a reminder that it takes parents to balance society.


Photo credit: Patricia Mellin / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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