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Do you have an opinion?

By Mira Khatib


How many of us go through life without having an opinion or expressing one? Is this because we do not have one or we have been accustomed to not sharing an opinion? Regardless this is how retracted societies are formed! So, why opinions matter? Well this is how innovation starts; this how partnership forms and more critically this how diversities are celebrated.

For us women, what we need is to freely and openly express our thoughts and opinions. We need to have a view point that will shape our future. We need to be clear on what matters to us and what we approve and disapprove of. However, for us to actively do so, we need to be current with what is happening around us and not limit our thinking to social matters only. So we need to be more aware and informed about current world affairs, about macro-economic challenges and the “mega” events that are currently shaping our world. We need to be “in” the conversation and not on the side line!

How do we go about doing so?  Well we need to be genuinely interested in such matters. We need to read newspapers, watch the news and actively engage in organizations that have a purpose far beyond the boundaries of our communities or cities.

It is critical to behave, act and speak in a manner that is equal to our men counterparts. We need to hold a conversation that covers about every aspect of our living to be taken seriously. I am advocating this to eliminate the stereotyping of women inability to be all equal to mem.

We are in the 21st century and the least expected from women nowadays is to be upfront and engaged in the dialogue and shaping on everyone’s future.

Women, it is time to express your opinion on all matters taboo or not. It is time to drive the conversation and redraw the map of who is who. We are 50% of population, we deserve our voices to be heard and acted upon.

To have your opinion heard; listen and respect others opinions as well.



Photo credit: Truthout.org via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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  1. one should be informed to share an opinion. I truly believe Arab women have better and more considered opinions than Arab men. Why because Arab women are better educated and they have a more balanced view driven by mind and heart while men….you know hoi your opinions are formed!!

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