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Do you want to change your life?

By Mira Khatib, Certified Solution Focused Coach


Are you in that stage of your life when more lows than highs are over shadowing? In your heart you know it is time for a change, yet you feel stuck and not sure where to start? Well the good news is the only constant is change, and if you truly want it, it is in your control, no one else’s. So how do you go about it? The answer is simple really, YOU must decide to commit and take control.

To change anything in your life that you are not happy about, first and foremost you must make clear decisions and choices, alternatives to things that you are not happy about. Then you have to honor your choices and commit to them no matter what. Sure you will face obstacles along the way but don’t let setbacks steer you off track to what is truly important to you.

Committing might be challenging at first, like anything new you do it takes time getting used to, but trust me the more you do it the more it will get easier and becomes the norm. Even if you encounter failure, don’t dwell too long on the situation, and instead turn it around to a positive learning opportunity, take away the good even from bad circumstances, learn from mistakes and move on. Looking back on negative situations time and time again will only make you feel guilty and add unnecessary worry which will deter you from your present and future goals. So no matter what stay focused, keeping in mind the end goal and why you started on your path in the first place.

One way of doing that is by keeping a Goal Card in your wallet; list down the goals you want to achieve, what is most important to you, and reflect back to it a few times on a daily basis. Seeing what you want written down will make it more real and attainable, a constant reminder of what it is you are after, and anything you do how it might help in getting you closer to achieving your goals.

Another motivational step to keep you focused and on track is the “WHY” the reasons behind your change and goals. A good habit is to spend a few minutes daily in a quiet place or “zone” where you close your eyes almost in a meditation state and just imagine your life once your goals are achieved. See your success, feel your success, breath it, touch it make it as real as possible in your mind as if it already happened. You will feel the thrill and satisfaction, and this in turn will make you want to see it through till the end.

I know you might be skeptical, and find these methods unconventional, but they have been tried, tested and sworn by, so what do you have to lose? Just a few minutes of your day following something simple that might help you reach that place you want to be is worth giving it a go.

If it is that important to you, then you will find reasons and ways on “how to” attitude not excuses on “why I can’t” justifications. Make YOU a priority and start on that much needed change today. You are worth it and you deserve living your best life, even if it takes work and commitment the end goal satisfaction and contentment will make the journey worthwhile.

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