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Dr. Haifa Jamal Al Lail President of Effat Univeristy

Arab Woman Platform representative in Jeddah Ms. Maha Saleh met with Ms. Haifa Jamal Al Lail president of Effat University discussing the theme “My insistence – Career Day”, which took place at the university under the auspices of Princess Luluwa Al-Faisal, during which members of Israr (mbc) program spoke to students to see the outcome of their experiences, and answer their queries about their careers for the future

Ms. Haifa Jamal Al Lail first we congratulate you on the recognition award that was presented to you today for your great efforts to build a generation that possess commitment and determination, how do you summarize Effat University’s journey?

It is a journey filled with challenges and achievements, yes, there were significant challenges that we were able to overcome with the support of the founders, trustees and members of the academic and administrative body. As well as we choose from the beginning the right approach to start. We started with 2 departments now we have 14. We opened as a college and now we are a University of four colleges. Our approach was to start in the right way and evolve gradually in order to maintain our success, thanks to God and everyone’s efforts and our global partners and local partners we were able to get to a high position and gained a prestigious reputation in the world.

What distinguishes Effat University graduates?

The impact of our work appears in our graduates, in the way of their thinking, and determination, and the speed with which they land jobs to begin their way in the market place. This is due of having a solid foundation and obtaining sufficient training to have an impact and leave their mark at their work place. An example of practical training is what we are doing today at Career Day.

Where is Effat University at today?

The University is accredited locally and globally, with God’s help it occupies an excellent and privileged place, and gained a good reputation, our graduates are ready for a new phase with insistence, diligence and training that they received.

Career Day Effat Univeristy2 - Arab Woman Platfrom             Career day Effat Univeristy- Arab Woman Platform

Career Day Effat Univeristy - Arab Woman Platform


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