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Easy Beef Stragonoff


Cook up a storm at home following this easy guide to the perfect beef stroganoff: a simple and tasty dish for the whole family to enjoy. Serve with rice and some fresh greens. Done in 20 minutes.







1/2 Pepper, green

1/2 Pepper, yellow

50 g Mushrooms

1 tbsp Paprika

300 g Beef Fillet

100 ml Soured Cream



Heat some oil in a frying pan. Add the onions and peppers and cook for about three to four minutes.

Cook some basmati rice in another frying pan, mixed with some sweetcorn, pepper, herbs, and courgettes.

Add the mushrooms to the first pan and cook for a few minutes.

Put the beef in a bowl. Sprinkle half the paprika in and mix to coat each piece of beef.

Add the beef to the vegetables and brown on all sides. Sprinkle the rest of the paprika in, then add the soured cream. Add salt to flavor. Heat and stir, so the cream takes on the color and flavor of the dish but not so much that the cream splits.

Serve the rice and meat mixtures side by side on a hot plate.

And Enjoy.

Source: Video Jug


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