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Empowerment begins from within 


By Summer Fanous


In order to have any “power” or “authority” to make a positive impact on anything or anyone, you must first empower yourself. Here’s how to do it.

Look yourself in the mirror

The first step in empowering yourself is to free yourself from the truth. A lot of times, women with insecurities try to protect themselves by pretending they’re not self-conscious about anything. In order to move forward, you must look at yourself and your life experiences objectively.

Whether you’ve been abused, grew up in a household where the double standard is common or have self-esteem issues, you must acknowledge your feelings. It is okay to admit, “my mother was a very insecure woman and that trait rubbed off on me” or “my brother was offered more opportunities than I was because of his gender.”

“The truth shall set you free.” Once you have admitted your insecurities or grievances to yourself, you are able to look passed them and move forward. No one is perfect, so instead of focusing your energy on trying to be flawless, embrace your imperfections and use them to better yourself.

Forgive for good

A lot of times, women hold on to things that happened in the past, whether it’s an argument with a loved one or a recurring endeavour, it may be hard to let things go. Think of your brain as a house. When someone holds on to a grievance, it’s as if they are renting their house to tenants. The same story keeps playing over and over again. There’s no way anyone can move on with their lives unless they learn how to forgive.

That doesn’t mean you should give the person who hurt you a free pass, rather, you have to forgive yourself for allowing those injustices to take up room in your home. Why should you dwell in the basement while your grievances are taking up the main floors?  When you learn to forgive, you learn to let go of the reoccurring stories that have been clouding your judgement for years. Only then can you start to see things in a new light.

Have a dream

When and where you were born doesn’t automatically determine where you’ll end up. Empower yourself by dreaming big! Visualize yourself in the place you want to be. Create a new story in your mind, one that allows you to be in control. Don’t let your current situation stifle your potential.

Believe in yourself

After you’ve acknowledged your flaws and have forgiven those who hurt you, your dream can be achieved only if you believe in yourself. You are what you think you are. If you truly believe you can overcome the obstacles in your life, you will!

The thoughts in your mind are turned into energy that emanates outside of your body and into the universe. If you’re thoughts are negative, your experiences will be too. Likewise, if your thoughts are positive, positivity will surround you.

Empower others

The best way to empower others is to share your story of triumph. Brave women who are willing to put their history and flaws out on the table pave the way for others.

The Arab Girl Syndrome competition has been created to help empower women. This competition is open to Arab girls and women of all ages from all over the world. Accepted submissions include original artwork, essays, short stories and poetry. This is your chance to have your voice be heard and to help empower others.

The winning entries will be published in the final collection; you can choose to remain anonymous. There will also be prizes. Accepting submissions until January 31st 2016. Click here to enter.








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