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Entrepreneur in the Spotlight: Basma Abdallah Uraiqat

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Basma Abdallah Uraiqat is an architect and designer from Jordan. She is founding partner and lead designer in Uraiqat Architects – an architecture and interior design company that produces contemporary space designs, and Atelier Uraiqat, an experimental object design studio. 

My work is described as parametric, because it’s responsive to the parameters and forces that influence the work (like clients, sites, environments, culture, society, and technology). This responsiveness requires the process to be multidisciplinary; integrating materials, form, sociology, philosophy, and contemporary technology. I see my work as a continuous process of production (of meaning, space, method, and technique) and an endless journey of exploration of the potentials that lie at the limits of the physical and the intellectual.

I believe the main challenges are related to the construction industry because of the harshness of the environment and the general bias towards men, in addition to the long working hours that sometimes places women in hard position of having to choose priorities. There is also the preconception that women are not as good as men which forces women to have to work harder than men to prove that they are competent. Another challenge is that the best time to start a family is generally a prime career time where the woman in her early or mid thirties which sometimes compromises her career development.

I am very proud of my production and successful projects throughout the development of Uraiqat Architects. But I believe my biggest success is in the personal growth that I have been able to achieve through my career. My work requires that I understand and study many discourses and fields beyond architecture and design in order to produce spaces and objects that solve problems and achieve their purpose. And this has expanded my knowledge and skills to be able to communicate with diverse people and environments.

I aspire to have expanded my company to include more technology and digital tools in order to produce more experimental design and objects that break the traditional molds. I want us to be the leaders in the region for responsive design and integrated technology within architecture, at the same time maintaining the cultural and intellectual aspects of the work.

Personal quote
“Art proper, emerges when sensation can detach itself and gain an autonomy from its creator and its perceiver, when something of the chaos from which it is drawn can breathe and have a life of its own.” Elizabeth Grosz

Believe in yourself, you can do it even if no one else believes in you. Besides, it is also of extreme importance that women work together and support each other through social and professional networks and provide opportunities for each other.



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