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Entrepreneur in the Spotlight: Mahesvari Autar

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Mahesvari Autar (28) has roots both in Suriname and India. She is the founder of the online music portal ‘DesiYUP’, specialized in Indian classical, crossover, folk and world music. The main purpose of this platform is to recognize talent of performing musicians and showcase their work through the website, social media channels and to organize concerts with them in the Netherlands. 

Since 2011 my team and I have organized 6 concerts with internationally respected musicians, interviewed numerous artists and reached out to thousands of people. DesiYUP celebrates life by catering uplifting music to our audience. My main challenge is to introduce talented performing musicians from abroad in the Netherlands by informing the Indian diaspora community about new and different styles of music. In the Netherlands the most popular form of entertainment and concerts are related to the Indian cinema and music industry, better known as Bollywood. With DesiYUP I’m breaking this trend by giving musicians with new sounds an opportunity to showcase their talents. As you can imagine, this mission won’t be accomplished overnight, it will take time and more importantly, an open mind-set to create a good platform for meaningful entertainment.

To improve my work, I need more partners in the cultural sector who are interested in the concept of DesiYUP and DesiYUP-artists. I need to work with visionaries who dare to take up the challenge in creating something extraordinary and step into the unknown. We need fundings to run our website and to hire more freelancers to create new content. This takes time and a lot of energy, but it’s worth investing in.

My dream is to connect with artists all over the globe. There is so much talent out there, waiting to be recognized and offered a stage to perform. I love for talented artists to reach their dreams. This can be done in two ways; we publish content on our website and social media channels, but also by organizing concerts outside and inside The Netherlands.

Let your gender be your strength and never see it as your weakness. It is fantastic to be a woman, and it’s even better to be a female entrepreneur. Sometimes I notice that female entrepreneurs are not open to criticism. For them business is personal. But I believe that meaningful feedback will help you grow into a much better person and entrepreneur.

Personal quote
It’s great to believe in yourself, but to be a successful entrepreneur you need to be courageous, honest and persistent in realizing your dreams.

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