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Essential tips for proper eyebrow care

Courtesy of Dr.Dimitrios Ziakas, M.D., DHI clinic UAE


Whether you’re fully embracing the bold eyebrows trend or just sticking to your regular eyebrow appointments at the salon, it’s increasingly essential that everyone should know a thing or two about taking care of your eyebrows.

As much as we all look after for our skin, eyes and hair, taking care of our eyebrows is equally important. Eyebrows are the most underappreciated feature of your face, yet they have the power to rejuvenate your looks. Regular eyebrow care isn’t expensive or time consuming. Whether you go to professional or pluck your own eyebrows at home, with proper care your eyebrows can turn out healthy and beautiful.

Tip #1: Don’t wax. Just thread it off!

Unlike many salons that use wax around your eyebrows, opt for threading or tweezing. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and if not waxed properly, can leave scars. Threading allows you to not only see the progression, but also gives your brows a natural look that is less drawn-on, especially for men.

Tip #2: Invest in a good pair of tweezers

For the upkeep of your eyebrows at home, invest in a good pair of tweezers. Tweezers come handy when you have to go out for a party or an office meeting, and don’t have enough time to visit a salon. A word of caution though is to be careful while using the tweezer around your eyes.

Tip #3: Encourage growth

Like the hair on your scalp, eyebrows can benefit when you increase your vitamin intake. Consume foods that are rich in Vitamin A, C and E as they are essential for healthy hair growth. In addition, you could use natural oils such as caster, lemon, rose or lavender that keep your brows healthier and look better. Foods like Carrots, Sweet potatoes, oranges and other fruits should be taken in your diet.

Tip #4: Condition your eyebrows regularly

After shaping your eyebrows, you want to make sure you properly condition them in order to retain their strength and beauty. A good eyebrow conditioner protects them from pollutants and other daily hazards and in return makes it more manageable and easier to work with.

Tip #5: Brush your eyebrows into place

When you wake up in the morning, take a thin-tooth soft comb and brush your eyebrows into place. You can also do this before you step out of your house for work. You can also spritz a little hairspray on your brows to keep them intact for a longer duration of time.

Tip #6: Drink plenty of water every day!

While you may be doing all of the above to keep your eyebrows healthy, if you’re not drinking enough water, you’re not going to achieve anything. Your hair, skin and your eyebrows will benefit immensely from the amount of water you drink so, keeping your hair healthy and leaving you hydrated.

Tip 7: Tweeze directly after shower

It is better to tweeze your eyebrows immediately after bath because it is during that time that your skin pores will open up and plucking them becomes less painful.

Tip 8: Minimize Stress or de-stress

It is found that too much stress and insufficient sleeping hours leads to thin eyebrows. In order to avoid this, maintain a certain routine with sufficient amount of sleeping hours.

Tip 9: Use Eyebrow Serum

Eyebrow serums help in stimulating the growth of hair follicles, resulting in healthy and fuller looking eyebrows Eyelash serum also contains the same active ingredients present in brow serum. So you can use eyelash serum as an alternative, if you find brow serums out of your budget.

Interesting Facts About Eyebrows

* The average lifespan of eyebrow hair is approximately four months. It is also the slowest growing hair on the human body.

* The type of eyebrow defines your personality. For example, those with curved eyebrows are said to be people-oriented, while those with straight eyebrows are ones who are direct, factual and logical in life.

* Our eyebrows help to form expressions. Thus, they are considered to be a very crucial aspect of human communication.

* The real function of an eyebrow is to keep moisture out of the eyes when you are perspiring or when it’s raining outside. This is because the arched shape of the brow helps divert liquid to the other side of your face.




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