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Eve As Seen By Adam

By Khaled Kamal


Who said that men and woman are equal; surely not.  Frankly women demand a lot more than men. Women need to be pampered, feel special and treated in a way that unless approved by them (and they rarely approve) will not be acceptable.  O.k. as a man, I am kind of driven to accept this and I have learnt to live with this inequality that favors women in almost every facet of life.  However, there is one thing that all men will never accept nor will I.  Women must bring the beauty into the relationship.  They need to look fresh all the time.  Women must put all the effort to stay beautiful and young no matter if they are tired, sick, stressed, sad or as they age.  Please wait, before you label me as sexist listen to my argument as my argument may just defend all women.

A question that I was recently asked by my daughter; Dad, why do men expect women to always look good while we women do not have the same expectations from men? This got me thinking; my daughter is right.  Are we men so shallow and look at beauty only?  So; I had a quick rundown of all my men friends and tried to pick up on signs and words they say to their wives, fiance’s or and at the danger of me getting in trouble, at their female colleagues and coworkers.  And to my astonishment and me included; yes men focus on looks first, second and third and only few men only focus on looks first and second but not third.  For example, while I expect my wife, a mother of three to still look like a model; I myself have one big Ab (and jokingly, if you put the 6 pack of an athlete together my single Ab would still be bigger).  Yet my wife is in love with me and with the person I am.  Again, do not get me wrong, I love my wife immensely, but that still does not mean that I do not want her to continue to exercise, and starve and to keep the same looks she had 25 years ago when we got married.

So I guess; women are better than men in the way they love; the way they give; and the way they hold themselves.

I take this chance to thank my mother, my wife, my daughters and all the women for putting up with us men in good times and bad ones too.


Photo credit: gagilas / Foter / CC BY-SA

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  1. Physical attraction (looks) are for sure the key driver at the beginning of a relationship… But it takes more than looks and physical attraction for a relationship to continue and mature… And at this stage, looks suddenly move down the list probably beyond third place

  2. Ironically funny. Many true points. Not that I agree with these points but true in our culture.

  3. Fatmeh Boughandi

    Nice article Khaled. You sure do have the “guts” to write this. My hat off to all women who not only have the looks but the smarts as well.

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