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Executive Secretary Live Dubai 2015 A Great Success


Things simply can’t be done without them as the role of an Executive Secretary has evolved into a profession which makes up fifth of the world’s working population and is predominantly women, “It is no longer just a support role”, said Lucy Brazier; Host of Exec Sec Live Dubai & CEO & Publisher of Executive Secretary Magazine.

One couldn’t help but feel inspired, being in a room with some of the most prominent and influential P.A.’s in the world at the Executive Secretary Live Dubai. Listening to their stories and making use of advice that they shared from years of experience, was very valuable to say the least.

Learning tips and tricks from Vickie Sokol Evans; the world’s number one Microsoft Office Master Instructor, on how to simplify a P.A.’s life using Office Themes was absolutely brilliant realizing the many ways one can utilize technology to get things done faster and easier.

It is very evident that, “PA’s are emotionally intelligent leaders aware of other people.” Said Heather Baker; a world class trainer, bestselling author and creator of BakerWrite speed writing system. Indeed Executive Secretaries are strategic business partners that are equals but with complementary skill sets.

Laura Belgrado; Former Executive Assistant to MD GSA Microsoft Corp. & a motivational speaker, trainer & linguist, went on to saying “P.A.’s know  a lot more than they imagine, and it is wonderful to share knowledge, being inspired is great but to inspire others is even greater.”

In the interview conducted at the conference with Helen Clarke; P.A to Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, she emphasized that “a P.A. has to be strong to be able to support everyone else especially during difficult times.”  Recalling the time of the Galactic spaceship accident where she had to stay strong to support the team.

One of the many great advice came from Bonnie Low-Kramen; one of the most respected voices in the profession, author &speaker, saying “one of the most powerful resources is each other, P.A.’s have to mentor one another as mentoring is a gift that one must continue to give. We have to choose to elevate more women.”

Peggy Vasquez; an author & motivational speaker, spoke about the importance of first impressions and lasting connections and how it takes only 7 seconds for someone to size you up! She said that, “people never forget someone that made them feel welcomed, so always wear a smile; it is your best accessory.”

“Don’t limit yourself, don’t be afraid from your ambitions.” Words of wisdom from Ann Hiatt; Executive Assistant to Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman) at Google, Ann talked about what it takes to create a true partnership and the keys of empowerment.

And what better way to end the conference but with a standing ovation in admiration to Melba Duncan; Founder & President of The Duncan Group Inc. sharing her journey to success. Telling us how important it is to know what we don’t know, and to do something about it. To never negotiate on who you are, and how attitude is everything in this career.  She added that the role of a P.A. is to make someone else’s life better, and in doing that makes your life better. She said, “There are two important days in your life. The day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Executive Secretary Live Dubai made us leave with skills and advice that help us take the leap from being excellent to exceptional and inspired to help change the world for this respected and profound profession.


Executive Secretary LIVE will return to Dubai in 2016. To register your interest please email Lucy Brazier at




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