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Fad Diet Trends


By Reem Abdallah, Assistant Dietician, Health Factory

Many of us reach a time when we want to lose weight quickly to look good in that dress, or to be thin for that big day… we always look for that “magic bullet” that will help us shed the extra kilograms quickly and effortlessly.

Every week brings a new diet craze; from high fat to low carb to high protein diets or a combination. Some of these diets prove a lasting popularity and some fade away with time to prove that they were just a trend.

Why do we always go for the “fast “solution; for fad diets that are crowding the bookshelves and hitting the daily media; despite the fact that there are many nutritionists and dietitians nowadays from which we can seek professional advice?

It is because most individuals want a cutting edge solution for weight loss, and fad diets offer that short term option as a “new” one which is different from the long term healthy diet plan that guarantees long term weight loss.

The common factor between all diets is cutting calories; fad diets do it with a unique twist every time.

So what is a fad diet?

A fad diet is a diet that:

* Doesn’t include all the healthy food elements and all necessary macro and micro nutrients.

* Claims to increase your metabolism noticeably in a short period of time.

* Claims that you will lose unrealistic weight fast.

* Makes some food off limits.

* Makes you think that you can lose weight without exercising.

* Recommends cutting calories drastically.

* Let you go on a full liquid diet, take some pills or some herb mixtures

* Makes you completely cut carbs, fat or sugar

* Requires you to skip meals, or replace them with special meals or bars.

Although those diets promise you a significant weight loss in a short period of time, they will not be effective on the long term if you don’t incorporate a balanced healthy diet in addition to exercise in your daily lifestyle.

The healthiest way to lose weight is to make small changes in your daily life which include the following:

* All food groups from grains, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy oils.

* 50% of the daily calories from carbohydrates mostly complex carbs.

* 25% of the daily calories from proteins mostly lean.

* 25% of the daily calories from fat, mostly healthy omega 3 and omega 6 fats.

* Adequate portion sizes

* Three main meals and two snacks in-between.

* Some of your favorite foods in moderation

Moreover, exercise is a very important key that will help you lose the extra weight. Make exercise part of your daily life. Do it for 30-45 minutes per day for a healthy body and a healthy heart.

There are healthier ways to manage weight rather than following a fad diet. Eating fewer calories, cutting down on portions and choosing healthy foods are the key to reach a healthy weight. It is not only a matter of following a fad diet for a couple of weeks to lose weight without the extra effort; the key is a healthy lifestyle!



Reem Abdallah As a Junior Dietician at Health Factory, Reem shares nutrition and health advice and develops personalized diet programs for Health Factory members to ensure that they eat balanced meals and lead more fulfilling, healthier lives. Part of her daily responsibility is to oversee daily orders of all the clients, while keeping in mind the calorie intake prescribed for them and their likes and dislikes. She also plays an important role in developing new menus and updating and analyzing the nutrient content, in order to offer a wide variety of food selection to the clients. Reem also actively participates in events on behalf of Health Factory and helps raise awareness on healthy eating, and eventually a healthier lifestyle.

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