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Fadia & Galal

I wasn’t the only one in love with her, she captured everyone’s hearts and eyes, with her mesmerizing bright smile, and lightheartedness she was the Claudia Cardinale of our university.

I still remember this after 45 years of marriage…days pass and our river of love keeps on flowing, she remains a youthful, graceful woman, time passes but without changing us…although the lines of time are traced on her face with memories and stories of us together.

I wander in my memories, while she is an old lady sleeping next to me, waiting for her to wake me up as she is used to doing after midnight, for me to remember.

Fadia the beautiful Palestinian girl who came to Egypt to study psychology, descending from a very well-known and reputable family, her father a doctor who treated many public figures in the Arab world.

She was a happy, strong girl, I fell in love with her at first glance, yet I couldn’t approach her to confess my love as she was the center of admiration for many. A professor at the university older than her in 15 years fell in love with her, and a young instructor, and a fellow student and friend of mine as well.

Although I was well aware of her many admirers I didn’t stop myself from falling in love with her, or even thinking of her every day.

The days passed slowly and I decided to reach her in another way, I got closer to one of her dear friends who knew a lot about Fadia, I claimed that love is an adventure and Fadia is my desired adventure.

I remember the day that I gathered my courage and confessed my love for Fadia to her best friend and pleaded with her not to tell her, “Find another way to tell her please”.

Fadia found out about my love for her and from here our romance story began…unfortunately I wasn’t able to achieve success in my studies, I left the Faculty of economics and political science and enrolled into the Faculty of commerce, but there too I failed.

I loved humor and jokes and used it to attract girls, although Fadia was the only one in my heart. Eventually I was asked to become a broadcaster and I did; making it a big success, I never applied for any other job, fate pushed me towards success. We married after completing my service in the army despite her dad’s disapproval even going as far as disowning her, considering me a failure without any college degree.

I considered myself a risk taker especially winning over Fadia, but she was a bigger risk taker than me. She encouraged me to go back to university once again, to gain her dad’s approval and blessings, so I ended up in the Faculty of Arts in the English Department. And I got a scholarship to study abroad.

Life kept pushing me towards more success’ and blessing me with two beautiful daughters, and we finally earned Fadia’s dad’s blessings and he thanked her for choosing a good partner for her life.

At 3a.m. sharp Fadia wakes up from her sleep to wake me up from my wander while I am gazing at her, she asks me? You are awake my love?

My love?

I concentrate and reply: “yes Fadia?”

Faida: “Are you thirsty Galal?”

I study her beauty and smile back: “sure.”

I get up quickly heading towards the kitchen to get her a glass of water, she always wakes me up to ask me the exact same question after midnight I hum to my song “Abaad Al Shams” and remember how she helped me in writing its lyrics and composing it and presenting it the way it is.

I bring her the glass of water, she drinks it and falls back into deep sleep, I smiled at her actions remembering the time she made me remove a tooth but to make sure it is not  painful removed hers first, she was in pain and ill so I couldn’t but remove mine for her sake.

Fadia is my heaven…my paradise…I kissed her and held her in my arms and smiled, I studied in the best universities in the world, and currently I am studying in the largest university in Egypt, I planned nothing but was very lucky one way or the other…I too fall asleep as memories remain in the heart till no end…this is what happens when a man falls in love…Fadia is love.


Original Arabic article is written by Israa Abozidفادية-وجلال/
Translated by Mira Khatib

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  2. That’s one of the most beautiful letters I have ever read,wish I had met My Pat at an early age too.Give the beautiful Model Fadia my very best regards.

    Hussein Eltouni

  3. For me, you are just names that i hear about from time to time in family scattered discussions. I heard about Fadia’s beauty from dad and mom, and of course i am familiar with the history of the family, but this is the first time i feel close to you both. Reading this light reflection invited me to see you now clearly and uniquely. couples living life in terms of making the best of what is within reach of reality. Wisdom is to know how to live it and enjoy details without spoiling the moment. I believe, there is much of respect in this relation accompanied by devotion. May God Bless you both!

  4. We got to know Fadia and Moataz many many moons ago when my aunt Haifa married their dad. My family immediately fell in love with them. We shared happy and sad memories. Long distant relation ship did not keep us apart, Love is a blessing and few people are fortunate to enjoy a loving, caring and harmonious relationship. We wish Fadia and Galal a prosperous and healthy long life. Hope to see both of you in person. In Sha Allah. Love you always,

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