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Farida Temraz an innovator in Fashion Design


Meet the ambitious young Egyptian woman Farida Temraz, whom in a short span of time managed to build a name and reputation for herself in the fashion industry, she is the owner and designer of Temraza Haute Couture and Bridal Dresses her designer gowns were the highlight of many runways. Hollywood Actress Laura Bell Bundy Stuns in Temraza at the 2016 SAG Award. Passion and distinction are characteristics of this beautiful woman.

Her professor Galal Zaki at the American University tells us how proud he is of his student Farida and from her achievements.

AWM had the pleasure for this one on one interview with Farida and showcase her among our inspirational women in this issue.

Who is Farida Temraz?

I graduated from the American University with honors and was from the top students in my class, I worked in Samsung in charge of television sets sales but soon after I left my job and followed my dream and my passion to design formal gown dresses.

How did your journey in fashion start?

I’ve always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, and I always designed dresses for relatives and my sisters, so in 2013 I left my job to start my own collection and brand Temraza. While working on my fashion line I commenced my studies to earn my Master’s degree which is upon completion preparing my final presentation that is on the art of fashion and style of communication.


Who is your role model?

My father is my role model whom I follow in his footsteps. He is a Dr. & University professor at Ain Shams University, he is also a consultant in electrical engineering, and although he has nothing to do with fashion, but he inspired me to have a passion for work and be self-reliant. I see fashion design the same way as engineering and a doctorate. I learned from my father to withstand and overcome the challenges. Simply fashion design is my passion.

farida2Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

From different things maybe a movie, a building or even a fruit, one time I designed a dress that resembled a pineapple, and a phone. I don’t have just one style. Fashion design fascinates me, and I never got my inspiration looking at another dress I always like to be innovative.

Tell us about some of your achievements?

My first fashion exhibit I took part in was in Cairo Fashion Festival, and the second was in London Fashion and my designs got recognition there. After that I was invited to attend the Fashion week in Paris, and won first place and I was the only Egyptian and Arab that won. I have also had a fashion show in the USA.


How so you see your future?

Temraza is my future and I will travel the world with it, and it will be the brand of choice for formal gowns and wedding dresses, an international brand name from Egypt, this is my ambition, that Temraz will be one of a kind.

What are some of the challenges that face you and how did you over come them? 

Initially is the starting point for designing a dress, I’ve been designing dresses all my life but this will be the first time to be responsible for a dress.

You are an inspirational role model, what advice would you give our youth?

I encourage them to follow their dreams and love what they do, personally I don’t feel the passion of time when working on one my dresses because I love what I do, if you are passionate about your work you will have the power to fight for what you want and love. If we all had this belief and way of thinking Egypt will be a leader in this world.

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Interview was conducted by  Isra Abozid


For this interview in Arabic:


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