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By Shelina Jokhiya

I often receive messages from friends telling me about the new items they have bought to add to their (cluttered!) home. Why do they share these shopping finds with me? I have no idea, but I always end up sharing my favorite decluttering principles to inspire and help them declutter their home to make space for the new items.

Today I want to share these Decluttering Principles with you to help you start the declutter process.

  1. Declutter The Easy Stuff First -By decluttering the easy stuff first, it will inspire you and give you the strength to move onto the harder items that you will need to declutter next. I find the kitchen is the easiest place to start as you have mostly old food, unused pans, bad cutlery and those really bad kitchen gadgets to declutter.
  1. If it comes in, take more out – If you have bought two new dresses from the department store sales this week, did you get rid of items from your wardrobe to make space for these new items? My mantra when swapping old for new is 1 ITEM IN, DECLUTTER 2 ITEMS OUT.
  1. Stop the Flow – It is all well and good to declutter, but decluttering is a waste of time, if you keep replacing your old stuff with new things. So ignore the sales and buy less.
  1. Gift Non-Material Items – there are so many ways to gift friends and family especially during Eid and Christmas. Instead of buying them a physical item, why not book them an alternative gift such as an experience or adventure. My favourite ideas right now are a cookery class at one of the 5 star hotels and an Aston Martin drive on the Formula 1 track in Abu Dhabi.
  1. Don’t keep items out of Guilt or Obligation – You should only have items in your home that you love to look at or use. Your friend might have spent a lot of money on that glass vase, but if you have hidden it in your wardrobe, what is the point of keeping it? Declutter those items that you do not like and do not let other people dictate what you should keep in your home. If you have received a lot of baby clothes from friends and family which you are never going to use, donate them to one of the many charities here who will make sure they are used.

These principles have helped me to keep my home in order and has also helped some friends as well. Try them out especially during these next few weeks and let me know how these 5 decluttering principles helped you.



Shelina-Declttr-Arab Woman PlatformAbout the Author: Shelina Jokhiya has lived in Dubai for over 10 years and is the founder of DeCluttr Me. She set up the home and office organising company in response to a need for a professional service in the region and has grown the business to become the UAE’s only licenced, professional organizing service.
Shelina has a passion for organizing and decluttering, as well as sourcing innovative new storage methods and tips and tricks. A build-up of clutter and possessions can become significant sources of stress, Shelina recognized this and set up DeCluttr Me to enable her clients to live more relaxed, productive lives.
Shelina is a member of Dubai Business Women’s Council and an active BNI Chapter member. She regularly speaks at local events and is frequently featured in the national and local press. She has also become one of the first international accredited member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers UK).


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