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Feel the magic of a balanced life

By Sophia Fromell


‘’So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else’’. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We are often so engrossed in the detail of our daily routine that we tend to ignore some important aspects of life. Our demanding lifestyle requires that we are constantly chasing the next big thing, moving from one project to the next, therefore not being able to appreciate and see our lives as a whole.

If you often find that you are pushing yourself to achieve your goals and you do not have enough time for yourself, or that you overcommit trying to please everyone around you but not taking into consideration your own needs, then your life equilibrium might need an adjustment.

Behavioral experts say that it is easy to recognize if your life has the required stability or not. If you feel happy and content without any external reason, you love to be yourself, you enjoy your life and have good coping skills with day to day challenges that is when you are leading a balanced life. How can you bring your life back into balance? Here are a few simple steps which can help you get your life back into the right track:

1. Define your own ‘’Balanced life’’

Many people assume that spending equal amounts of time between family and work will bring balance in their lives. This is not a realistic assumption. Life is constantly changing and what might be the right balance for you today may not be the right balance tomorrow. Review your priorities regularly to ensure that you allocate your time and prioritize your activities in such a way that the balance is right for you.

2. Shift Your paradigm

Each one of us has a number of assumptions, values, and practices that make up the way we perceive our life. Analyzing your paradigm puts into perspective how we see the world and helps us understand how our beliefs and actions shape our daily life. If you’re current reality is that of a busy,

stress filled life where you often feel exhausted and overwhelmed then shifting your paradigm to take better care of your health and create some quality time for yourself will help bring more balance in your life.

3. Don’t spread yourself too thin

Learn to say NO to extra work or added responsibilities, whether they are social, personal or professional. Do not burn yourself out, try to work within your physical and mental capabilities to keep a good balance.

4. Define boundaries

Defining your boundaries indirectly communicates to others your self – worth and self – respect. Identify the actions that you find unacceptable and do not allow them in your life. Learn to say no and recognize that other people’s needs are not more important that your own.

5. Turn off technology

Turn off your computer, cell phone and other communication devices on weekends or after work hours. This will give you the opportunity to focus on the here and now.

6. Minimize negativity in your life

Try to eliminate negative people, thoughts or habits in your life. This will bring a positive and rejuvenating energy in your life.

7. Eat & sleep well

Healthy eating and sleeping habits are essential for leading a balanced life. Organic food and a good amount of sleep is very important.

8. Give time to yourself

Nurture and treat yourself. Spend “me” time doing your favorite activity, reading a book, taking a walk or connecting with your inner self through meditation.

9. Expand your horizon

Try to learn something new such as a new language, experience a new culture, or meet new people. This will increase your awareness level and give your life a sense of depth.

10. Avoid comparison

Comparing your life to others will make you feel unhappy and unbalanced. Feel grateful for what you already have.


Sophia is a certified life coach who helps her clients navigate change in their lives, helping them overcome feelings of uneasiness/dissatisfaction and progress towards genuine contentment; as well as develop a more positive and goal oriented mindset to help them find happiness and realize their potential. After 15 years in Banking, Sophia has left the world of finance to establish Ithaca Life, to connect with people from all walks of life and share with them her knowledge, expertise and practical methods for creating a happy, fulfilling and well-rounded life.
Sophia can be reached at:

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