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Finding Your Passion: Why It Matters

By Remy Chausees

Finding your passion often starts with pondering these kinds of thoughts:

Who am I?

Why are we here?

What am I supposed to be doing with my life?

These are some of the biggest questions we’ll ever ask, the ones that spiritual introverts and philosophers and all kinds of seekers spend their life fasting and meditating and searching the globe trying to answer.

You might even be one of these people. But I see these thoughtful questions as something else: they’re really asking something much deeper…

Am I really living life full out?

Do I have mind blowing, heart throbbing, life altering love in my life?

Am I truly making a difference on this planet?

Do I matter?

If you’ve answered these questions, then you’ve probably already figured out who you are and why you’re here!

Many of us skip through our days, filling time and just getting by while we wish and dream for something more. We may experience guilt when we indulge in our passions because we fret about how it may conflict with our responsibilities. We think that in some way, fulfilling others’ needs, living up to others’ expectations, and following the standard path, is what we need to be doing.

The truth is, it is our passions that help us to find our divine purpose in life. It’s our responsibility! And as we begin to fulfill our purpose, the universe responds most favorably!

But we can’t just indulge in our passions without being on a course, either. We need direction, and that guidance is our values system. Identifying our passions and values is what helps us to live a purpose-infused life!

Defining Passions and Values

Passions are what we want in life, while values are who we are and what we believe in. But how do we determine exactly what our passions and values are?

Let’s begin with values. Values describe what’s important to us, what we stand for. Our values are our moral compass. They help us to navigate life.

Where values represent who we are, passions represent what we want. Think of passions as values on steroids. Passions make us want to jump out of bed in the morning (and may even keep us up way longer than we should be at night). The beauty of values and passions are that they make me me, and you you.

Some people say they “don’t have the luxury” to think about their passions. Instead, they just go through their day in a going-through-the-motions way.

Have you ever thought of what happens when you feel robotic, depressed, or lost? You can lose touch with your passions, sometimes without even realizing it. Without passions, we’re missing a big part of who we are. We lose touch with our very soul. Our life force just seem to go away. This is why it’s so important to find your passions and values.

Today’s Insight:

What are your top 5 passions?

What are your top 5 values?

What questions have been on your mind lately, where your passions and values may already be pointing to the right answer?

Ex: You’ve been thinking about moving to a new city, but you’re uncertain where to go. You notice that one of your values is “living beautifully”. How can that value help you determine a potential new city to live in?

When we’re finding our passion in life, and we sprinkle in our values… when we live according to those passions and values, we can actually turn all those question marks that may circle overhead into exclamation points!


Remy Chausse is an inspirational speaker and author of the best-selling book “Living Life As An Exclamation Point!” It created such a revolution that it led to “The Get UNstuck Revolution!” for extraordinary women with big-ass dreams who are ridiculously unsatisfied… to get past go, get out of status quo, and create a life they love. Remy has been featured on the Business Beware Show on FOX Business, the On the Edge Show (a CBS affiliate), Smart Money Talk Radio (an NBC affiliate), and The Women’s Information Network.
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