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For A Better Tomorrow – Flea for Charity

Interview with Flea for Charity 


Meet this amazing team of inspirational young women whose goal is to try and make a difference in this world by helping others and giving; making our future one filled with hope, unity and compassion. They are great role models for every woman and young girl to learn from and follow suite.

Jihad M’Nasria a Tunisian TV Producer and Luz Villamil a Colombian/Palestinian Public Relation Executive; made time despite their busy work schedules to help others; as giving back to the community has been always a priority of theirs.

In 2011 at the start of the Arab Spring, and after graduating from the American University of Sharjah these young women organized their first charitable endeavor which stemmed from the simple idea of collecting discarded belongings from garage sales or peoples’ giveaways and selling them in the flea market; they followed through all the legalities from the Red Crescent and UAE official institutions and from then on they managed to continue their charitable efforts gathering hundreds of thousands of Dirhams each time donating to different causes, mainly for refugees from Libya and Syria.

Their charity work gained great success and grew in frequency and variety with the joining of their third member Ahmad AbuGosh a Palestinian/American, organizing fund raisers for children with special needs, to gathering donations for Ramadan mercy tables; with the help of volunteers from around the Arab world they managed to spread their good deeds beyond the UAE to reach other Arab countries such as Egypt.

“We believe that there is more to life than just improving one’s self, contributing to improve the quality of life for others and lending a helping hand or even placing a smile on someone’s face is much more rewarding and satisfying.” Said Luz

When we asked why she believes that voluntary humanitarian work is not widely spread in Arab countries compared to Western countries, Luz replied “Maybe it’s fear of such a responsibility or sometimes lack of time put people off. Arabs in general are very generous and feel obliged to help others especially when they are assured by the organization’s reliability and dedication; knowing that the money is being donated to the right foundations. All that is missing is a positive outlook and mindset, people should make it a point to take time out of their lives and give back, as spending personal time in volunteering is as valuable as spending money.”

“We have initialized a new campaign #BetterBukra our Random Act of Kindness; our goal is to make kindness a habit in all of our lives, no matter how big of a gesture or small, no act of kindness should be overlooked even simple things like when we gave out flowers to random people in the mall during the month of Ramadan, the positive contentment we got in return made it all worth it.”

We want a brighter future for generations to come; lets unite in humanity, let us dream, aspire and work for a better tomorrow.


Meet the team:

jihad1      Luz1      abugosh


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