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Forget About Reducing Weight in Ramadan

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad


When you have gladly welcomed the month of Ramadan, then willfully forget about dieting, weight control exercises or your worries concerning weight gain. No more checking your weight in pounds or kilograms…no more encircling the tape to measure your waist. It’s plain prescription whose gravity you will soon discover.

Prior and after the Ramadan, the amount and variety of food that you take for breakfast, lunch and dinner are in no way equal to the sumptuous and delicious menus of Ramadan.

In normal days, a simple sandwich is enough for breakfast, for lunch it’s either home-cooked food or an order from a popular restaurant, and then dinner is dinner after all—a little less or stomach full, with family. That’s it…yea …what else, then?

With these simple three times meals a day, sometimes you put on weight, and your tummy bulges to a shapeless one that oft troubles you in many ways. What’s next? Of course, not to have any embarrassing remarks about your weight gain, you have to better stick on to carrots and cucumbers, no oily and fatty foods, no beef and butter, no sweets and potatoes. All you have to do is to follow tasteless dieting and routine exercises to reduce your weight gain.

When it’s blessed Ramadan, then (believe me), there’s a blessing in food variety and in one’s appetite. During fasting, the only missing element is lunch. Other than that, one takes a delicious, nourishing and stomach full pre-dawn meal because the whole day one is away from food and drinks until sunset.

Aha…for Iftaar (fast-opening) there’s everything: special and savory dishes at home, and out in the city, you will find a variety of tasty food items, mouth-watering Iftaar buffets and traditional Ramadan attractions. At sunset, one breaks fast so blissfully: seasoned and fresh dates, a variety of sliced fruits, traditional cuisines, crunchy savory and oil heavy snacks (sambosas being the popular), pastries and pancakes, sweet desserts and creamy ice-creams, healthy soups and many more Ramadan scrumptious dishes.

In fact, every family member’s favorite dishes can be seen at Iftaar, besides experimenting festive ‘Ramadan recipes’ to have a unique flavor on each passing day of this blessed month.

Then, you have scheduled ‘Iftaar invitations’ from your near and dear ones or a grand corporate ‘Iftaar Party’ from your company. Would you try to apply dieting rules at these gatherings or make a terse gesture that you are on weight control mission? Looks odd and funny…and then you are not going to have a morsel or two, sipping a little juice and leaving the rest, and sitting idle while others enjoy ‘Iftaar delights’ at the party, and finally you are not simply leaving the party scene, with half-stomach.

At last, it’s time to sum up. Though, much of fasting is all about abstinence from food and drinks from dawn until dusk, but it’s hard to practice restraint at Iftaar. Then, after Iftaar comes a light or heavy dinner, with steaming pots and spicy curries.

So now, you can simply understand: when you are out-of-control, then definitely you cannot avoid massive weight gain…that means, more dieting and tough tummy reducing exercises, immediately after Ramadan. Get ready to become a walker and jogger to stay fit! 


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