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From Housewife to Professional Baker – A Success Story


This may appear like a typical story of a housewife, a perfect one at that; an immaculate home, a great cook, a supportive wife, a compassionate mother and a wonderful friend. Married at a young age Lina decided to dedicate her life to her husband and later her children and become the source of strength to guide them towards success.

Unlike some housewives she was very invested in her family, spending her days attending to their every need and in the process putting her own dreams and aspirations aside believing that in their success come’s her own. Due to her husband’s work obligations that required him to often travel she found herself taking charge and bearing the responsibility of raising her children in the best way she knew how. She instilled in them the love of reading and knowledge, speaking their minds and following their dreams, to them she was their knight in shining armor the one they turned to for support.

All until the day came when her little kids were not so little any more, and like any loving mother she encouraged them to spread their wings and move forward in their lives. With her children away pursuing their higher education and her husband busy in his career Lina found her days long and empty. She had a yearning inside her to do something, but what and how and where to start, she did not know, and with the passing of her beloved mother she slowly found herself on the doors of depression. Her mother’s passing broke her, and left her with no will to fight. Once being a source of strength for her family she started feeling that she is becoming a source of burden instead.

That was five years ago, and Lina has come a long way since then. Having a faithful friend by her side who just couldn’t watch Lina wither in sorrow over the loss of her mom; she decided to be proactive and motivated Lina to team up with her and become entrepreneurs making use of their talent of baking and start their own business. They started small from Lina’s kitchen and taking a few orders here and there, but slowly the word got out and more orders started coming in, eventually they had to start their very own bakery.

Lina had many fears; being a housewife all her life and not completing her education made her wonder if she can make it work. But with her friend’s encouragement, and the passion in her heart to do something and being filled with ambition made her raise to the challenges ahead.

It wasn’t easy at first, but slowly and surely work started to evolve and happy customers complimented Lina for her delicious delicacies.  Still Lina had moments of doubt and questioned herself as to what she’s getting herself into, today she questions herself as to why she waited so long to do something that is just for her. She has come to realize now that she didn’t need to abandon her dreams while tending to her family, with proper time management she could have made it work to do more for herself. She was proud of her accomplishment as a wife and mother, but today with the support of her husband and the praise she hears from her children she is more proud of her success as an entrepreneur. Today not only she runs her own bakery but working on her first baking book as well.

Lina’s journey taught her so much; she discovered that she was her greatest obstacle, questioning her capabilities and will, punishing herself with guilt for wanting to do more with her life and having ambition. But today she is a changed woman, a determined woman who does not allow others to define who she is; if she is faced with a problem she finds a way to overcome it, she became flexible choosing her battles wisely and believing it is OK to be her own woman.


A story from our readers, retold by Mira Khatib

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