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From Mud To Mud

By Rima Jbara


I decided to go for a walk by the beach on a windy day. By the time I reached, the sun was setting. The color combination at that time of the day always inspired me. I stood looking and listening to the waves. My eyes then moved back to the shore and noticed a girl sitting on a rock.

I continued walking till I reached the end of the shore where she was sitting. I saw her crying and felt sympathy towards her. I couldn’t turn away and leave her in this state so I asked, “Do you need any help?” Her poignant eyes looked at me and said, “Love can be a never-ending story, accompanied with torment and misery.” Her unsteady voice revealed her hurt. She gazed at me with her beautiful green eyes and said, “This season is called fall because everything nature builds all year ‘falls’ to the ground. Like my love.” I added, “Conviction defines you’re rise after the fall.”

She paid no attention to my remark and continued speaking, “I asked a friend to give me her shoulder to lean on until I can stand alone again, but this friend wanted me where I am now.” With an encouraging voice I persisted, “You should resume your strength of will and begin living a new story.” Her gloomy eyes stared into mine and said in a defeating tone, “To those people, whoever wished me ill, this night their wish has been granted.”

She started to walk away, leaving me standing like a frosted figure, unable to act in response from her words, her passion, to the longing glance in her eyes. I stood alone in the dark allowing the powerful wind to slap my body as the sound of waves accompanied us. That night I was unable to sleep, I felt haunted and heard her wounded voice echo in my ears. Guilt smothered me as a punishment for not helping. I hoped to meet her again the following day, but this time with a smile. Instead, I found an engraving on the rock and it read, “From mud to mud. Tru 1979-2010” It was the current year’s date. “Did Tru commit suicide?”


Photo credit: galaxies and hurricanes / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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