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From Obesity to Diseases or Fitness?

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad


Who cares, now-a-days, for a balanced living? Nah, we, human beings, are hoarders of food in our refrigerators, eat appetizing dishes at home and outside and more than thinking about healthy diet and nutrition, we crave for savoury and fatty foods.

Ask a person, who fancy visiting restaurants on weekends, about any preferred menu. At once, he’ll name the best available dishes in respective eateries, with their prices. Now ask him about types and benefits of physical fitness. I’ll bet he’ll only show his blank face, without uttering anything.

Plush home, tasty foods, attractive clothing and carefree living…that’s all we desire. But, we rarely think about healthy diet and moderate exercises. And the outcome is simply growing obesity and untimely ailments.

I have seen people, at butchers’ shops, who buy whole lambs and take home chopped meat and poultry and minced beef… all packed in smaller quantities in plastic sachets. That’s the stock for the whole month…that goes straight into the freezers. I guess there’ll be no hint of freshness in these frozen meat and poultry.

“Is there any expiry date for this dressed chicken?” I asked curiously.

O, yes sir, it’s valid for a week, but you can keep it longer,” came the reply from the smart butcher.

Somehow, his reply baffled me. Without any excess quantity, I ordered only two poultry and brought it home. Recalling about the expiry date, I informed my wife, “Make sure that you cook all this chicken within a week because it’s good enough for a week.”

With this I realized that how sometimes our pattern of living is all messy. All the groceries and shops remain at vicinity, plus there’s convenience of moving around by cars, yet we, out of lethargy and recklessness, stock meat and poultry in quantity so that it’ll be sufficient for a month. The BIG question is that how healthy is such type of frozen food?

In some cases, it’s all work and no timely rest. Oftentimes, people for the sake of earning promotion, reputation and wealth spoil their health. Ugh…they report to their workplace on time, a little sandwich will serve them as a ‘quick breakfast’, they simply skip lunch during the allotted period to busy themselves with work, and sometimes put extra hours to show their stamina. What a frenzied lifestyle where a person gets squeezed with work overload and unsafe stress!

I know a person who, with flattery and showiness, embraced hectic work style for the sake of early promotion. Well, he got promoted, but eventually stressful workplace has made him diabetic. Now, he’s practicing calm attitude, prescribed diet and regular exercises.

Who’s the culprit of our diseased bodies? Perhaps, it could be our messy eating lifestyle, it could be obesity, it could be straining stress or it could be all these factors. Shouldn’t we go for physical activity and eat healthy food? Yes…let’s be safe and away from the epidemic of obesity and disorders that weaken us, from blood sugar, to blood pressure, to cholesterol, to joint inflammation, to heart malady.

So, let’s kick off obesity, and take the road to fitness for hale and hearty living!


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