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From Social Media, With Love


By Lina Al-Khoury, Social Activist


Since the new “Big Bang” installed itself in our daily lives, people tend to be obsessed with “stalking” everyone and posting their personal issues on social media.

It became a transactional process of giving and taking personal information about everyone, creating a way to killing doubt and proving facts.

The credibility given to individuals posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, twitter or even dating applications like Tinder came from the encryption and the security provided, proving that this is what this exact person wants to express.

However, a dilemma can take place when it comes to whether it has a positive or negative effect on relationships and about how it affects the two “love birds” involved.

It is indeed extremely common nowadays to have people share their love life experiences on social media by posting pictures, writing statuses, and sharing posts related to their current situation.

The behavior of the couple tends to change with each other depending on the reactions of the cyber environment, and this environment tends to have a certain behavior due to the couple and what is seen on social media.

Let’s take a look at this closely. First, how does it affect the couple itself?

The internet became an exposure of the truth, the lies, hidden secrets, past and maybe actual situation the person can be in. By “stalking” someone, their friendships, old relationships, family members and issues can be easily found. And in that it has improved honesty between people knowing that lies will eventually be noticed. It can although, ruin the trust between the two by exposing an affair for example.

Having their personal experiences exposed, not necessarily by them but by their entourage also, could cause a lack of privacy that might emotionally and mentally affect the couple. They will not be able to enjoy their time alone at a certain place knowing that anyone could show up hoping to join for example. And having a private life exposed causes a lack of interest on many levels including sexually, socially, and psychologically.

Due to all of the above, the attitude of the couple and their ways of interacting with their environment, cyber or real, will change. The places they go to, their way of acting around each other in public, the kind of posts shared serve as perfect examples.

Second, how does it affect the environment around the couple?

Seeing the posts of a person daily, knowing about their love life, what they do with their loved one, how long they have been together creates a certain kind of attachment and curiosity in the mind of the observer. It becomes a story that the person feels like following step by step. It’s similar to a series that has several addictive seasons. Therefore, a certain emotional recognition is created.

The observer, or “stalker”, will be affected by the different reactions and situations of the couple, either happy or sad. They might feel bad for their breakup and imagine stories in their heads about the “why” and the “how”. And they could feel happy for their engagement for example and start imagining a similar perfect story that could happen to them, shaping an idea of love that in reality can’t be the same for everyone. And therefore, this recognition can trouble the mind and the perception of whoever adopts it.

It can be tricky how much and to which extent the positive consequences and the negative ones’ balance each other when It comes to this issue.

But no matter what, people are not ready to give up this system, no matter how messed up it is and how much trouble it could unconsciously cause.


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