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Gate 7

By Mira Khatib


My suitcase in hand I push through the queues heading toward a certain destination. A thousand thoughts rush through my head, yet I’m thinking of nothing at all. I look at the many faces that cross my path, and wonder what are the stories behind their eyes? For each and every one of us has a story, a struggle, a passion, a dream.

I see the young mother trying to control her little ones, with frustration and anguish in her eyes, is she happy I wonder? Did she have to let go of her dreams to be where she is today?

I look at the man in his work suite probably going off to some business meeting he is busy clicking on his phone; I almost could feel his stress and tension, I wonder are his compromises worth his dreams for success?

I see the young man staring down at his wedding band moving it back and forth, in deep thought, having a conversation with himself; he finally removes his ring and places it in his pocket. He seems relieved as if he put away a problem. Is he breaking up with his wife? Or is going to be in the arms of another woman?

And there is always that smart looking foreigner immersed between the pages of a book. I check out the title and try to discover his taste – A thriller? Maybe he lacks excitement in his world and makes up for it in the pages of fiction.

I study the teenager who has locked himself away in his headphones moving his head and feet to the fast beat without a care in this world. Will he always be a rebel? Or would he grow up to be a young respectable man?

The old man hutched over his cane, sitting watching people as he moves his beads and mumbles, the deep lines on his face are proof of a long life lived. I wonder is he at peace with himself and the world? Does he find bliss in his faith?

And yes, there always has to be the young couple, so in love, filled with energy and can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves as if afraid to let a moment escape without living the high of passion. I wonder how long will their fire last? Will they remember these moments when they fight?

My eyes meets a man looking at me, with questions in his eyes – am I being examined like the rest by another? I wonder what is he thinking? How does he perceive me? That I’m single? Driven by career? Do I seem lonely? He has no idea that I’m leaving a wonderful family at home counting the minutes for my return. Little does he know that I’m on my way to visit my dear mother and sister whom are an important piece of the puzzle that makes my life.

I smile to myself. One should never judge a book by its cover, for each face has a unique story behind it, and life has taught me that things are not always what they seem.

My thoughts get interrupted by the voice announcing that it is time to board, and just like that I become consumed in my little world again, heading towards my destination…



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