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Are We Getting Squeezed by Workplace Stress?

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad


What a miserable, poor human life where now-a-days people work more for the sake of their existence, and live less amid brief jubilation and little, feeble joys! Perhaps, even after all basic needs and handsome luxuries, our lives are messed up, with chaotic work and social styles.

Ugh…more than the fear of countless maladies, debilitating diabetes, gushing hypertension, deadly cancers and depressing poverty, there’s workplace stress that’s breeding germs of fatigue, depression and lethargic attitude.

Not all workplaces can be labeled as culprits’. In this global village, there are good companies, there are bad companies, and then there are ugly companies.

Obviously, we can find countless companies who grossly enslave their workforce like a strict regiment, with extreme punctuality, extended working hours, compulsive overtime and no proper performance evaluation.

One cannot expect just system where the senior management are least bothered when there’s rampant trimming of benefits and other privileges. What more…it’s totally dry and morose culture where most of them are either depressed, gloomy or burnt out, from long working hours.

Poor chap…this nickname suits well for an ordinary employee who, in between the top management and their flattering deputies, suffer like a prisoner in a corrupt company culture that oft stinks with clear manipulation and dirty politics.

Aha…a simple employee who invests his precious part (youth), with years of service realizes that he gets insufficient and partial benefits, then what this miserable worker ought to do?

I presume, in some work environments where you come up, with a complaint, either you are fired and plainly ignored. Yes, executives and bureaucrats are salarymen too. Who defies? But, they are the most who keep count of their pennies, and anything less, they can’t tolerate. When an ordinary employee who slogs, tied up with punctual work schedule, from morning to evening, like a prisoner, asks for just benefits and promotion, then all his pleas goes on deaf ears.

Like the executives and senior management, poor, low salary employees need proper attention. You just can’t treat them like slaves, and call them simply ‘salarymen’. Top executives can leave places, and mold their careers anywhere, but what about ordinary workforce who had made an investment by spending their lives to make their ends meet and for the sake of livelihood.

Ordinary employees are foundation stones…if you hurt them, nickname them or abuse them, then that’s injustice, oppression and plain cruelty. Such workplaces sucks…where employees are chained to unjust systems, and their energies, strengths and enthusiasm are squeezed to nothingness!


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