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Good, Generous Landlord

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad

If something pricks me and gives me an intense trouble, and at this, when you feel the pain, then that’s the sympathy.Isn’t this a fine reciprocal revelation? Nay, even a physicist will fail to figure out on what basis or laws this reaction gets prompted. But, let me tell you, in simpler terms, this is humanity…the very and true lingo of good human beings.

As usual, while gossiping with my good friend on my way to office he disclosed that in his neighborhood his friend’s landlord slashed down annual rent by SR 1,000 (USD 266), and with little further leniency, he told one miserable tenant to make a deferred payment, after coming back from his annual vacation. Aha…this is the sensational news that’s enough to label this gentleman as ‘good, generous landlord’.

“What made the landlord do this?” I asked my friend, with a surprising look.

“Well, the landlord realized that there’s prevailing uneasiness everywhere as people are either suffering from late salaries or instant dismissal from their jobs. To give a leeway to his tenants, he decided to reduce the rent, out of sheer compassion,” replied my friend.

To be good in expressions and talks is one thing, but, when you are good through expressions and generous by deeds, then that’s the noble trait. I am sure that this good, generous landlord has bagged more thankfulness from his tenants, and perhaps he might have gained celestial blessings for his spontaneous, kind gesture.

In one different scenario, one burdened tenant tried to justify his landlord that in a span of six years an increase of SR 5,000 (USD 1,333) on annual rent is too harsh while many other landlords don’t even increase in a decade’s time and even if they raise the rent, the amount is merely insignificant.

Let me tell you what the reply from the penny-pinching landlord was.

“May be the other landlords have too many properties and for them to be least bothered about increasing rent is okay,”he said as if he’s thumped by jealousy.

“But, I have no other property except this one and only building. And I think I am reasonable with the tenants, and this increase is nothing at all when compared to other newly built apartments that are booming in the city and charging more,” he continued in a miserly tone.

What’s more? This is utterly unprincipled response from the landlord who tries to amass his income by charging more from his tenants. For the sensible tenants, the message is simple: “To be a (tenant) or not to be a (tenant)”!

Otherwise, it’s vain to live in lavish flats wherein the family is small, and rooms are surplus that remain unused and over the years these rooms resemble like ‘haunted places’ with more emptiness and no sparkle.

As a last resort, it’s better that wives and husbands sit together and discuss seriously where they can cut costs. Following this simple and frugal precept, they will be happy, with no unwanted hassles.


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