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A Good Salary for Comfortable Lives

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Wouldn’t it be a great to have a good salary, expenses at minimal and basic necessities tagged at low prices?Every month, newer commitments! So, there are expenses in queue—month after month. I bet you’d agree to what I am saying.

Aha…for the sake of savings, you need not become pauper, diminish your desires, cut down your proteins and vitamins and count your monies in a miserly manner. Little-by-little who make great savings have their own awful livings, and to some the very concept of savings is beyond understanding. Money comes in, and goes out…life goes on just that way!

At least, when you get the salary in your account, there’s merriment, glow on faces, with a heavier wallet, that gives a boost to your energies. Now you are confident. Wow, you needn’t do window-shopping! Totally at ease, you can think of pending errands, listen to your wife to jot down a thorough shopping list coupled with few reminders for ‘things to-do’.

Besides all that, don’t forget to have a sumptuous dinner outside, with your family. That’s the real reward to your wife, to make her feel liberal, away from the kitchen chores.

Ugh! Then, these slippery salaries’ money doesn’t stay long. With your salary in your pocket, you will experience a quick transition. I guess: you will find the first week in mirth and buying home necessities, the second in shopping spree and enjoyment, the third in clearing dues and calculations, and the fourth week in moderation and waiting eagerly for the next salary amount. O, so soon a month passes, and again there’s time to cheer up ourselves.

Now-a-days, it is hard to be frugal, with soaring prices and increasing expenses. At the end, your net income is balanced to minimal. As the cost of living increases, then also, there should be a variation in salaries.

Perhaps, the best solution is to have a gracious increase in our salaries. Wouldn’t that be a blissful change?

So, next time, think of your salary, your expenses, your savings…and if nothing is calculable, then I am sure you seriously need a change—a change in attitude, a great amount of courage to ask your boss, with humility, for a raise in your salary. 

You got to explain him that you want to lead a comfortable life, and the external commercial world is too oppressive with high prices, and your savings are totally zeroed. If you shy of saying as things are, then simply you have to persevere or suffer alone. That’s it!

Well, if your plea to your boss is effective, and your boss turns conscious and shows an act of kindness by raising your salary, then thank your boss heartily, and have your own time for maximum happiness. Relish yourself!

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