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Goodness Versus Evilness

 By Ramzi Arabi


Last night, in the middle of my quietness, as I was gazing back at the roles of life, my goodness approached me and sat down my pillow, then my evilness appeared as quick as a twinkle. They offered me seeing beyond the good me, and the bad me.

As in a literary debate, goodness and evilness argued; the hooves of that conversation turned my quiet room to a battle of two great powers in the history of mankind.

I, then, cheerfully asked them for a truce, and being both part of me, they obeyed. I looked at my evilness and said, “Tell us about you in me”. My evilness moved some steps forward and said, “Like the potter fashions his clay into cups and plates, I fashion you in the oven of sins, and then I shower you with drizzles of hate and greed”.

“When selfishness beckons, I move in you like a baby moves in his mother’s womb. I’m your lust that invades you most of the time, but goodness often struggles for you, and when your lust is so wrathful, you drug goodness then you move me by force”.

“I lay where you throw the empty triple bottles, and I vanish as soon as goodness starts to take care of you. I’m your blackness that shatters your dreams and enfolds them with failure”.

“I swallow love and passion in you, and leave naught but pieces of a human. I saint the cruelty in you. I’m your grief when no one cares to listen or stand by you”.

“I’m your illusion, which takes you to the unknown; where fake wishes rebuild your scattered pieces. You created me long time ago and fed me on me. I grew up with you witnessing sickness and madness refusing to be the rustic you”.

Then evilness looked at goodness and said “It’s your turn my partner, show us your paintbrushes in him”.

Then the goodness nodded and said in a great voice, “I always protected you from the flames of hate and greed, that’s why people loved you. And I always whispered in your ears the words of wisdom, to be free from all aversions and sins. I made the virtue in you”.

“It is I, who invaded the hate in you and crowned your spirit with the values of modesty”.

When you want to sleep, I wrap you with affectations like a mother who remains awake for her son’s comfort, and then I plant the good seeds in you, and harvest a great ambition that could break a solid mountain into small pieces”.

“I congratulate myself of you, no matter what evilness tried to control and flaunt, you are the result of my virtues, and the reason for me to survive”.

“This is I, standing like a pyramid of love in front and behind you, feeding your purity, innocence and honesty”.

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