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As Muslims around the world prepare for Hajj, Saudi Arabia is preparing to welcome hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to the country that is the custodian of the two holiest sites in Islam in Medina and Mecca.


The Kingdom is anticipating that 1.3 million people from around the world will visit the holy sites of pilgrimage including an estimated 185,000 from within Saudi Arabia itself.


But as people from all over the world come together one of the biggest challenge is to ensure the health and safety against the spread of infectious diseases, including SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), avian influenza, and haemorrhagic fever for so many pilgrims during this short Hajj period of pilgrimage.


Nader Sabry, the CEO and Founder of TIMEZ5 Global Inc.; the world’s first health and wellness Muslim lifestyle company focused on the physio-spiritual experience through their innovative NASA space technology- physiological prayer mat which has a special antimicrobial surface for hygiene purposes.   TIMEZ5 has been dedicated to unique health issues faced by Muslims and uses their R&D facilities to help find unique solutions.


Sabry, outlines a number of hygiene measures designed to protect your respiratory system and overall health during Hajj making it a safe and memorable experience.

  1. Keeping hydrated: Drinking plenty of water not also hydrates your system and keeps you going during hajj it also allows your system to repair itself and naturally fight off any potential airborne diseases.
  2. Prayer mats: Using a single prayer mat during your whole trip, prevents the spread of germs from person to person allowing you to control any dust and dirty on your own mat.
  3. Antibacterial wipes: Keeping your hands consistently clean prevents the spread of microbes when eating, taking medicine or shaking hands with someone else.
  4. Mask: Prevent the spread of airborne microbes directly by wearing a mask that lowers the risk of direct infection while breathing.
  5. Eating Honey: Honey is one of the best natural antimicrobial you can use. It also provides much needed nutrients to help you keep energized and fresh.
  6. Oregano Oil: A daily dose of 2-3 drops of Oregano oil will help disinfect and protect you from airborne or surface contracted microbes that enter directly into the respiratory system.


Finally, to keep a track of your food consumption, I highly recommend downloading a food diary app on your mobile phone or simply a written diary would also be helpful.

So in conclusion, I recommend that pilgrims ensure they are well prepared for their spiritual journey of a lifetime and by taking some sensible precautions and measures can ensure that their hajj journey is a truly memorable and healthy one.


Photo credit: transposition / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA



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