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Hands That Raise Us Up



Somehow in spite of our best efforts we all meet up with a not so good friend called ‘Trouble.’ He springs from the shadows unannounced leaving a trail of burdens that don’t feel like they belong to us; yet they have arrived and aren’t inclined to leave easily. At times like these we search for a bridge over troubled water, a path back to our normal; a lasting solution. When we can’t see the way out or through, we stop and do nothing; it’s the human response to things that overwhelm us. When we don’t know what to do, we do nothing.

Many may voice their opinion about doing nothing, yet it may be an involuntary and appropriate response. When we sit in the silence, searching for an answer that seems elusive, something magical happens. We touch base with the very essence of who we are; we hear the sounds of life around us; the wind that blows rustling the leaves and birds that carry a message of joy and hope. The sounds of nature remind us that someone bigger than us is there reaching out to us.

Our willingness to be still and reach out to the hand that guides all life is everything that is required to find the bridge we have been searching for. His hands still troubled waters and lifts us high above those things that seem impossible to heal or resolve. We see things from a different perspective when those hands are carrying us. We are high above the petty and disheartening events that have disrupted our lives, surrounded by a love that heals every wound.

Our search for the reasons why fall off our shoulders like abandoned armor as we see how unnecessary it is to know the reasons why anything has made us feel broken or abandoned. All of these events are so small in comparison to the goodness that was implanted in our life story. His overwhelming love reminds us that there is so much more ahead if we are simply willing to let go of what is behind. We are afraid to stop looking back only because we imagine that what we have lost is the best we can ever achieve. We are afraid to look ahead, imagining the future can never be as good as the past and so we are stuck and afraid to make any move at all.

To be still and do nothing when you don’t know what to do means you are ready to allow the hand of God to guide your life. Trouble becomes a detour that guided us to the path we were always meant to travel. The touch of His hand raises us up far above the turmoil and pain, to a place higher than we can ever be alone.


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