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Hapless Destinies of Darling Daughters

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad

If one wishes to pen down the essence and worth of daughters, then much can be written. Indeed, there’s a popular dictum that says ‘birth of a daughter is both blessing and mercy’.

Verily, there’s a unique merit in girl’s existence, and as she grows up her very presence makes her parents’ hearts bloom with care, expectations and merriment.

With years of love and upbringing how soon daughters grow up into teen age and become a dear concern for their parents. A daughter’s stay in her parents’ home is limited…and that’s the throbbing pain for parents. But parents have to embrace this reality to see their daughters getting married and leading lives filled with marital bliss and joys.

What a say about a daughter’s marriage ceremony where there are joyous moments laced with agony and tears. Parents feel happy, with great expectations, to see their daughters begin a new life after marriage. At the parting, there’s a pulsating farewell that leaves parents’ eyes filled with tears.

Fortunate are those daughters who enter a new world of their own where they are appreciated by their in-laws and dearly treated by their husbands. Away from parents, every married daughter feels agonizing solitude, but the very gracious atmosphere of her husband’s home makes her cheery, and this privilege allows her to adjust in new surroundings without any hassles.

But every daughter’s destiny is not same as others. Who gets what after marriage is uncertain. That’s terrible distress when someone’s beloved daughter gets married and the marriage unfolds misery and torture in daughter’s life.

A good friend of mine narrated a brief, yet aching story. Strange as it may seem, but this is the truth. Recently, one girl got married and her parents did their best for their daughter’s well-being. Now, the married daughter is staying with her husband and in-laws. Unfortunately, the girl is subject to a strict vigil, mistreated by her in-laws, and her silly husband more obedient to parents has become uncaring. She is disallowed to communicate with her parents over the phone, and when her parents wish to talk to her, they are given vain excuse that she’s busy in some domestic errand. Though married to an educated husband, but her place has become a dungeon in strange isolation. She’s now gloomy as well as oppressed by the dullness of detachment.

Ugh…what a disgusting culture when the husband looks for his wife for corporal pleasures, and yet become negligent to treat her well. And, oppressive mother-in-law playing the prime wicked role keeps grudging and pestering her daughter-in-law with torturing remarks, and father-in-law, like a hen-pecked husband and shameless onlooker, keeps his mouth shut as if he has no sense of duty.

In truth, similar to this, around the globe, there are countless untold tales, and more than this, there’s cruel torture, fiddling abuses, wild attacks, tormenting insults, awful isolation, senseless beatings, deep sufferance, panic-stricken tears, sickening sorrow, bride burnings and hapless fates and tragedies of darling daughters…

Let’s awaken our slumbering conscience and stop harassment and tyranny upon distressed women! That little act can be a greatest virtue in our lives!

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