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Happiness in The Small Things in Life

 By Zoha Safi Assef

Sometimes we cannot stop searching for happiness. Especially women today, they struggle in order to find it. During our tremendous exciting journey of ups and downs in our life, we search for the ultimate happiness. Nevertheless, while living in a male-dominated society, it is sometimes hard to grow into an independent and strong individual and thus, we might feel neglected, oppressed or not valued. However, being happy varies for each one differently. Be it for a woman to care for her children, the longing for independence, or having an enjoyable day out. In order to overcome our obstacles and fully enjoy ourselves, we should focus on the little things in life that help us find our peace of mind. In that sense, happiness might not always be a goal or a certain achievement, but the path you choose to take while reaching out for your goals.

For instance, in times of sorrow or trouble, it is useful to think of small things that keep you going. The thought of your loved ones elicits happiness and draws a smile on your face. May it be your sister, your mother, your lover or your friends. In addition to that, the thought of a beautiful place might give you the strength you need to feel cheerful, may it be your grandma’s house, your first vacation destination or the beautiful sunset by the cliff where you like to get off your worries. In doing so, we set a positive mind and might also spread positive vibes, through which you can make someone’s day just a little bit brighter. On another note, you can also feed yourself with happy thoughts. Instead of reading a novel or a poem about things that might leave you to wonder about how life might turn out for you, you could read a beautiful piece of writing that empowers you and makes you smile just a bit more.

As women, we should first achieve our ultimate state of mind. We control our own destiny and through that, we can achieve the greatest things. In that sense, it is important to not lose focus and treat yourself with joyful moments and memories. Some might need a day out and breathe fresh air, some might need to have a good talk with a close friend, lover or sister and some might find joy in reading a good book by the balcony with a mug filled with boiling hot chocolate. Only when we are able to find happiness in the small things in life will we be able to make those little moments in our life count. We should know that the smallest things have precious value. And sometimes it is important to remember that:

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the lights” –Dumbledore

Courtesy of our collaborators Challange 2 Change   awm6
Challenge to Change, is an initiative aimed at raising awareness about mental health for women from the Middle East. It is a  platform for dialogue and support, enabling women to share their experiences, strengths and hope while being supported by mental health professionals. Through raising awareness and taking on the stigma, Challenge to Change has created safe communication channels and support groups with the objective of providing effective and lasting solutions.
Challenge to Change is THE voice for mental wellness for women from the Middle East.


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