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How to Be Happy: The Decision to Feel Good

By Tamma Ford


I hate those articles that give you ‘7 ways how to feel good’… ‘7 ways how to be happy’.

How do you do 7 ways? Seven?! I’ll give you just one and show you how to do it all day every day!

Here it is: Decide. Decide to be happy!

Henry Ford (no relation to me) said, “You’re about as happy as you decide to be!”

True. I’ve seen it time and again. What is happiness (or feeling good)? It is a decision!

In my work, I’ve met plenty of people who have decided to swim in the negativity. They wallow in it. They are in familiar territory (face it – all humans are! We are a negative crowd!)

I have also met plenty who have done the opposite with great success. They decided. They chose happiness in their world and feeling good in their life.

Deciding is a mental thing. It is self-talk. This kind of self-talk is positive. You tell yourself, “I am delighted, happy, joyful, all day today!”

You don’t say, “I’m going to be…”. You don’t say, “I will try to be…”. That is futuristic at best and tentative at worst! And it puts your experience of happiness or feeling good way out in the unreachable future!

You are in the here and now. That is the only space and time you live in!

You say, “I am…”

And now? How do you do it? You keep your eyes open. You stay vigilant.

Keeping your eyes open means you are watching the opportunities to be delighted, happy, joyful come to you. That is very important. The opportunities come to you. Yes, they come when you are welcoming to them.

Being vigilant means you are careful of your self-talk. You do not say to yourself, “Boy, this sucks… Gee, why does she have to be so negative to me?…Gosh, I have heartburn!”.

You keep your thoughts as positive as you are able to, today, right now.

I did this and kept a little mantra going in my head. Some days it was, “See the delight.” I would repeat that to myself over and over again throughout that day. Other days it was, “My life is joyful.” Or “I see and feel the joy.” And I would repeat that to myself again and again that day.

Does this sound easy? It is simple! But what makes it hard to do is your old habits…They get in the way. Because that is the nature of a habit!

Your old habits are probably about judging how bad the situation is. Your old habits are about thinking the most negative thing about a situation or person… or how you feel. (I’m not picking on you – all humans do this.)

So what do you do when a negative thought comes up, or you want to say something negative? You pull out your mantra – for instance, “I choose to be happy!” Or “Happiness is my choice now.”

And then you draw yourself back into your own personal positive, joyful energies.

Does it take practice? Yes, for most people. Is it worth it? Yes, absolutely – for everyone!

The power of your personal decisions will run or ruin your life. That’s a given.

Your personal power is in your very real choice of what you think, what you say and, in the end this is how you will feel. It is in your very real decision-making power!

Decide to feel happy every day. It’s just one thing to do, after all! What do you decide?


Tamma Ford is Programs Leader at ARC-A Realized Community which presents the self-growth work of American Master Lester Levenson (1909-1994).
She is author of “God’s Pen: Lessons on Life and Light, A Journal”, and numerous e-books and articles. See more about Tamma at
ARC’s core program is designed to help anyone easily identify and let go – permanently – of thoughts and feelings (‘ego’) that interfere with living a smoothly happy life. Doing this work quickly gets noticeable results and has been effective in improving happiness levels, creating harmony and flow in life, creating better health and more abundance for anyone…and this work called ‘releasing ego’ leads to a totally Quiet Mind if that is your goal.
The complete process is taught in ARC’s ‘Foundational Course for Living Your Potential’ home study course and shows you how to truly master your life! See more at [].

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