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Her voice

By Ramzi Arabi


It’s said that the eye may be the window of our souls, but, our voice sings the song of our souls…… Her voice is soft and quiet, spreading an atmosphere of peace. No voice has ever touched my soul like the sound of her voice.

With the sound of her voice she can speak a world into existence and fill life with meaning, forcing me to depart the reality and sail beyond the horizon. Her voice speaks of a great ancient femininity that pulls me to her warm lap in seconds, where her soft hands play an epic over my shoulders.

To hear her, regardless of what is being said is to be touched, addressed, spoken to at a level beyond and deeper than the conscious. Deep calls unto deep; the unspeakable is heard and felt when she simply talks on the phone.

Every day she plays an exhilarating music, which pulses in the air and causes the whole universe to tremble. With her voice, she has the ability to invent a new exceeding pleasure mingled with longing and overwhelming affection.

The bridge between seeing and holding is a conversation. The subject doesn’t matter. The sound of her voice does.

This must be a miracle, a magic, and not an illusion, as the alchemy of soul carries itself in the soft warm sound of her voice. It’s a new sensation that her voice banishes fear, soothes and caresses challenges and delights. Her fascination, her mystery, are found and known by hearing her voice.


Photo credit: Dr John2005 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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