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HIIT Training


By Lana Elayyan
Personal training & Fitness consultant
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run-3Minimize your workout time while maximizing your results

HIIT trainging stands for high intensity interval training.

Hitt training means minimizing your workout time to getting maximum results.

This is pretty challenging, but don’t let this demotivate you, it is extremely rewarding in terms of results and self satisfaction.

I want to high light a very important fact here which is to consult your doctor before starting any physical exercise and to make sure you are physically and medically fit to do this kind of training.



Getting started 

1-Give your body sometime to start building strength gradually if you are un fit
Increase physical demand on your body ( start with light movement and then build it up )
Start with a 30 second period of moderate to high intensity exercise followed by a 2 minute period of recovery time.
As your fitness level improves increase the level of intensity and decrease the intensity of recovery periods.
If you are relatively fit, you might perform high intensity bouts of an equivalent time to your recovery periods (around 20-60 seconds is considered standard).
Make sure to give your best during your sprints.

2- Keep the workout time short between (15-20 mins) because the longer you workout the less intensity you will be able to put in.

3- Where and how can you perform HIIT training?
You can perform HIIT training on any machine as long as you are avoiding ones that requires balance and coordination (such as treadmill) you can use a bike, cross-trainer or rower, outdoor running is great as well. Don’t have access to machines, you can also do HIIT using your own body weight like doing jumping jacks, high knee jumps, running in place or even push-ups, doing as many reps as possible during the HIIT intervals, as long as you aim to elevate your heart rate to maximum level without compromising your form.

4- Fuel
Right nutrition plays a major role in enhancing your workout intensity and recovery.
Make sure to consume some quality carbohydrate before training to help maximize fat burn and increase the intensity of your training session and to minimize muscle loss.

5- In order to guarantee a complete HIIT workout, you need to add Strength training routine this will enhance your ability to maximize output during sprint periods, you will help your metabolism to work faster and to burn more calories once you have more toned muscles.

Hope you find this useful
Have a good workout



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