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His Point of View – A Husband or an ATM Machine?

 GetAttachment By Abdul latif Hourani

Unfortunately  with the demands of today’s world comes a price tag and a very expensive one at that, and in many cases puts a dent or even more in marital relations some even reaching divorce.

Some young ladies might point an accusing finger when it comes to extravagant weddings and think it is not right to spend so much on just one night, all until it is their own wedding then such demands and luxuries become essential. And let say those few whom have the common sense not to spend every dime the man has ever saved on a wedding, and agree to a more humble celebration try to make up for the difference after marriage, which puts great pressure on the man and in turn kills emotions and excitement.

After the big night some women start their unrealistic demands like insisting on moving to a larger house, or on travelling for vacations every few months, or demanding expensive gifts for occasions, or a fancy car and so on. If the man doesn’t fulfill her desires he becomes Mr. Greedy, Mr. You don’t love me anymore, using the standard cliché of “I must secure myself” I wonder who invented this statement?    When married you agreed to share life for better and for worse; so if your man loses his wealth after marriage for any bad investment or whatever reason, or gets a serious health problem that makes him unable to work or earn enough, or even being able to satisfy your sexual needs, would you leave him? Turn the tables and this could happen to you. You could get ill, you could get into an accident and turn unattractive with a disability; do you want him to leave you then?  Unfortunately some families fell apart because of reasons like.

In a case that I personally came across, a lady insisted on her husband to install a curtain in a rented apartment for one window that costs around $3000. He explained to her that he has loans and financial commitments, and that he has spent a lot for the wedding and honey moon and furniture and a new car and that she should have a more reasonable budget for such a project. The answer he received was so shocking “Your loans and problems are yours! Deal with them outside our doorstep, my life style should not be affected with your problems!”  Where is the family spirit here? Obviously this lady never really cared for her husband as a person, she married him for financial interest and a certain life style. To her he is an ATM machine, his input in family matters or house decoration or even their children’s upbringing is not required. This was not a marriage or a partnership, and of course that marriage did not last more than 24 months!

Please, please, please, when you enter into a marriage or a serious relationship; and when you vow for better and for worse; mean it!



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