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How to Achieve Happiness – Six Simple Steps Toward Being Healthy and Happy

By  Ntathu Allen  


Do you ever wonder what the secret is to eternal joy and ever lasting happiness? If your life isn’t quite how you desire it to be, would you like to know how to turn your life around and start to attract the people, the gifts and blessings you desire that you feel will make you feel more complete, vibrant and most of all happy?

Does the idea of being in control of your life, having the tools, skills and knowledge to make a difference and be successful appeal to you? Or has life stabbed you in the back so many times you find it a struggle, nay totally impossible to believe your lot can change?

In life there are many situations where you may not be able to change and turn things around. In yoga philosophy, you are taught to accept change and to seek the goodness, the lesson in any situation. When you are in the midst of your personal trauma it can be very difficult to see any good, or benefit in what you are going through.

In these circumstances your ability to care for yourself suffers and it is easy to neglect and let yourself go. This makes you feel worse and makes it harder for your body to heal and for your mind to find peace and comfort.

To overcome these feelings, pick one or two of the following self care tips and spend a few minutes each day just allowing yourself to feel good in the present moment. The more time you spend investing in your personal health and strengthening your inner core the easier it becomes for you to shine and attract the kind of help and support you need as you journey towards finding more love, happiness and vibrancy in your life.

Six Simple Steps toward being Healthy and Happy

1. Breathe Deeply. Throughout your day take deep yogic breaths. Breathe in slowly and fully through your nose for a count of three and slowly breathe out through your nose. You will feel energised, calm and refocused.

2. Open your heart. Take time, every day to look in the mirror and say “I Love You” to yourself. Say it with conviction and pride. Remind yourself just how special and worthy you are. No one else in this planet can achieve your goals the way you can – the world is ready and waiting for you to succeed.

3. Listen to your heart. As you take time each day to breathe, to smile, to love yourself more and say I Love You, your ability to keep going and follow through on your goals increases. The more time you invest in your self-care and health, the more energy you have to navigate the ups and downs of family-home-work- life.

4. Trust yourself. No one knows more about you than you. You are your own keeper and guide. Have faith in your ability to touch the skies and follow your dreams, for they are yours and no one can take them away.

5. Meditate. Find a quiet space and each day sit there. Sit quietly and visualise yourself living your dream goals. What does that feel like? Can you feel people congratulating you on your success? What does it feel like to smile in the mirror and say “Well Done! I did it”?

6. Have Fun. Enjoy the adventure. Enjoy the journey. Be proud of yourself and know that every step of your journey takes you a step closer to your heart’s desire.

So, there you have it. Six simple steps to support you as you work towards achieving happiness. I trust these steps encourage and assist you stay strong, vibrant and healthy as you work towards achieving your dreams and goals.


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