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How to Make Change of Career

By James Stotler

Career denotes a particular profession or occupation that you would like to pursue for making your earnings. Besides earning, you need to get job satisfaction out of your profession otherwise your life may become dull, monotonous and burdensome. But under certain job environment, you may not get that you need to keep yourself contented and may be looking out for a suitable switch over that may be hard to achieve. Yet, there are ways and means which if followed systematically, will take you a long way in making a change of career without being financially or psychologically constrained.

First step towards your career change over is not to take a hurried decision based on sentiment or emotion. Try to be adaptable, tolerant and flexible instead of aggressive, whimsical and arrogant. Maybe if you are patient, situations may change that may suit to continue in the same organization.

As second step, identify the unpleasant or pinching elements in your present job that make averse and disinterested. Your present job may be either too easy or too difficult. You may be a blue-eyed boy’ of your boss drawing envy of your colleagues. Your sub-ordinates may be non-cooperative. It may be your boss. You need to identify the exact reason of your present discontentment before you look out for an alternative job, or else, you may be confronted with similar predicament. If an unpleasant boss is the element, you may not require a complete change of career, rather different people.

Third, make a self-appraisal based on SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat. For that, you need to evaluate your professional skills that are sought for in the job market such as your technical qualification, experience, any special contribution in the field of your profession and the pay package you expect in commensurate with these aspects. This self-evaluation will make you aware as to what you can do for your prospective employer and your professional eligibility for taking up harder job than the existing one.

As your fourth step, keep on researching on the matter until you arrive at an acceptable and viable inference. Career change involves not only you but also the future of family members dependent upon you. Any whimsical or off-hand decision not based on research, would jeopardize your social as well as financial entity. You need to find out if any additional qualifications are required for the new opportunity. If you opt for further study, look into the benefits provided by government for a drop in your income.

Fifth, be mentally prepared to start from the scratch with an outlook to learn anything required to pursue your new career by attending evening courses or your local colleges. Before enrolling, get the government benefits. Most importantly, you must have a plan of action before you for the entire period during which you acquire new skill to pursue your desired career.  A planned strategy supported by a pragmatic approach will take you a long way towards changing your career.


About the Author: James Stotler is journalist with over 4 years experience. He specializes in writing a wide variety of articles related to news, fashion and business.


Photo credit: Phil and Pam / Foter / CC BY


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