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How to Survive Narcissistic Abuse – Powerful Tips to Survive Emotional Abuse

By Sherrie Christman

How to survive narcissistic abuse begins by recognizing that you have the power to turn things around. By now you know that to continue living in an abusive relationship means losing your identity and soul. You have to decide once and for all that you refuse to be a victim.

A narcissistic partner has an inflated sense of self-importance. They are capable of causing emotional and psychological trauma to those around them. They require constant attention and praise while they use others to gratify their feelings of superiority. When they are told otherwise or criticized, they retaliate on no end and would go to great extents of humiliating you. It is vital that you understand their pattern of behavior. This alone will help you a lot in dealing with one.

Here are tips on how to survive narcissistic abuse:

Don’t reveal your weak side
Narcissists lack empathy. They lack compassion for anyone who shows that they are emotionally vulnerable. You will always be an easy target for your partner if you easily show anger, sadness or grief.

Don’t count on your partner to change
Your role is not to change your partner’s narcissistic personality. Assume that they will always be this way and it is not up to you to save them. You will only suffer even more and experience disappointment, hurt and anger over and over again.

Create personal boundaries
Be sure to look after your own needs before anything else. They will try to manipulate you into doing things that you don’t want to do and make you feel guilty when you resist. Be firm with your decisions. Make it clear that you will not put up with yelling and other crazy tactics.

Learn to forgive
People who suffer from narcissism don’t now that they are hurting other people. Their mental illness prevents them from functioning harmoniously with the rest of us. You are in a better position to understand their situation. Forgiveness allows you to heal faster as you recognize that you have the power to change how your own life plays out.

Get out of an abusive relationship as soon as you can. The longer you stay in one will add up to freedom and happiness lost. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help when you need it. You will find that people are often ready to assist you. You are not alone in your battle. You will discover that others are also in the same boat as you are. Be among those who will be able to start life anew.


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  1. This article is good advice for women living in Western societies. An abused woman living in a Middle Eastern society does not have the option to leave an abusive relationship. As many women know, if a married woman went back to her parents house trying to get away from an abusive husband, the parents would send her back to him. Only in a situation where the woman has the ability to live independent of the husband or the parent does this option apply. Then one must consider the stigma of separation and divorce in such a conservative society.
    I wonder if there are other opinions on this subject.

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